How Engagement Will Drive Your Event Experience UP!


Ever asked a marketing professional what’s his/her most challenging task is? He will most definitely say it is ‘Engagement.’

To get people to attend an event is a task in itself, but to keep them engaged and hooked is even tougher. With people looking down on their phone screens every 20 seconds, low attention levels and reduced ability to focus, to get people to actually live and breathe an event is extremely difficult.

Given the above reality, the challenge lies in getting people interested in what is happening at the event (live) and with the event on their phones. What do we mean here?


Well, it pays to be present where your audience is. And as of today, almost everyone is always looking at their phone screens! So the event might as well have a sizeable presence on mobile. The best way to make this happen is to have the event live on a mobile app. And thanks to Hobnob making event mobile apps is easy and effortless.

When you design a mobile event app on Hobnob, you get the liberty to customise the app to exactly how you want it to look and feel. Right from the placement of the logo, to the colour of the app, to the content that goes up on it. To put it simply, Hobnob is a template dashboard, using which you can design your own app without being bothered with any technological (read – coding) hassles.

With the app designed, and the attendees given access to it, you can implement tactics to up the engagement on the app.

For instance, say the event is live and a very important speaker is on stage addressing the crowd. You want everyone to be as attentive as possible. At the same time, you want to create content in real-time to keep the digitally savvy engaged. In such a situation, the following can be done:

  • Run a live poll pertaining to something specific the speaker said
  • Ask audience to engage with the speaker through Q&A via the app
  • Host a live contest on the App!


An actual example of the above being successfully done is during CLOUDSEC India 2016 – India’s leading internet security conference. The CLOUDSEC India 2016 mobile app ran polls during the event to capture the pulse of the audience and did a wonderful job at it. The app had a smashing success rate with 7500+ page views, 1500+ app engagement, and 200+ conversations.


Our belief at Hobnob is that instead of being scared of technology and considering it to be a hindrance to hosting a successful event, you must look at it as a way to further boost the engagement of your event.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you up the engagement of your event.

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