Ready to get APP-tastic?

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Do you like making the most of each day? Having the good life at the convenience of your fingertips? Navigating every possible daily activity on your phone via dedicated apps. Apps that wake you up, track your exercise and heart rate, get you a cab, organize your mail, pick a date place and make reservations. Well, if like me, you’re a sucker for apps that can change the game, stay tuned and read on. We have something very exciting in store for you!


We live in a fast world. Where digital and mobile technologies and apps navigate life. Making it easier and more accessible. From am to pm, our whole day can easily be managed with ease solely on our mobile apps. Saving us time and combating physical and geographical boundaries. Making the entire process so simple. All at our fingertips.

Industries all over too are releasing their own apps, and the event space too has hopped onboard this bandwagon of change. Instead of merely conducting an event, today more and more companies are seen bringing the event to the fingertips of their audience by means of customized mobile apps made by roping in tech whizzes who charge a bomb. These apps take the engagement game to an all new high and is a huge hit with the audience.

That brings me to my next observation. If so many companies and entrepreneurs are so keen on using event apps, what’s stopping them from making their own customized apps for their events?  Too much technicality? Too much time. To create that simple customized app about your event which could provide access to registrations, updates, engagement and more all on a single platform. A platform so easy that lets you login and create your very own event app, while you’re at lunch. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well not anymore.


What if we told you we’ve created a first of its kind platform that lets you produce, personalize, preview and publish your own event mobile app, all in just a few clicks. Turning a mere idea into a customized fully functional app in reality. A preferred interface that simply lets you Hobnob and interact with your event audience and know what’s on their minds. And the cherry on the cake is that you don’t have to be a genius or tech whizz to figure it out. It’s as simple as a good ol’ plate of mac ‘n’ cheese. Tempting much…

Nuff said! Let’s HOBNOB.

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