Hobnob & PC Generation – A Case Study

PC Generation Audience

The HUL PC Generation event is an annual event of a massive magnitude, held every year with an agenda to meet specific objectives. The primary objective this year being to scale up Engagement at the event. And to take engagement to a new high at this event, Hobnob stepped in to keep the attendees engaged and in sync with all the latest event happenings in real-time via the mobile event app!

Let me ask you a question. What’s the most guaranteed way of keeping attendees tuned to your app? Engaging in app features of course! Fueling engagement through interaction via features like Conversations, Polls, and e-Kit, the app was an instant success and generated a huge buzz with most of the attendees actively engaging on it throughout the event, right from the pre event phase to the post event phase. The numbers did all the talking! The app saw a total of 45,000+ in-app engagement!

The Leaderboard feature played a significant role in achieving this grand number. Crafted with the objective to build a sense of interaction and community amongst the attendees, this feature tapped into the competitive streak of human psyche and fueled a sense of competition amongst the attendees by constantly rewarding them with points for being engaged on the app and eventually incentivizing them with a gratification. The app also witnessed a huge amount of e-Kit document views indicating that attendees used the app as a prime medium to access information in real-time.

All in all, the event was a smashing success owing to its high engagement levels propelled by Hobnob.

Take a look for yourself!

PC Generation Infographic

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