How to Ensure your Event isn’t from the 90’s!

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The main challenge any marketer/event evangelist faces is the obvious – to ensure the event isn’t mundane! With attention spans reducing by the second and the need to be WOW-ed every step of the way, it has become an increasingly tough and demanding job for the event professional to keep the event relevant and engaging.

While one can blame technology for making it difficult to engage the audience, one can also be wise about the reality and use technology to their advantage! And that’s exactly what we at Hobnob believe. To harness the power of Technology & all things App to make the event an unforgettable experience.

Here’s some intel on how to ensure that your event has evolved way past the 90’s:

1. Start from the Start
App-ifying your event can’t be an after-thought. You need to make it an integral part of your event. So, start from the start. Ask your invitees to register for the event on the app. That way, they have a plausible reason to download the app and use it.

2. Throw in Hints
Hints are to events what trailers are to movies! It won’t be half as exciting an event if you don’t throw in hints & snippets of what’s in store. So, use the app to introduce speakers, to share glimpses of the venue and run a countdown till the first day of the event.

3. Engage!

Engage your attendees! That's the key to a successful event
Engage your attendees! That’s the key to a successful event

The dictionary of all things event & mobile app is incomplete without the word ENGAGE. And you must make that your mantra too. To engage the attendees, you can do myriad activities on the app. These include, running polls, starting a quiz and throwing open the conversations tab where professionals can discuss about the event, the speaker topics, and similar.

4. Provide Solutions
Gone are the days when emails and physical flyers were the only mode of communicating with your audience. Today in this heads down digital era, it’s all about top of the mind recall to ensure your attendees stay excited and engaged with your event. With Hobnob, apart from providing basic event information, you can go the extra mile by providing your clients with stay options, flight options and even connectivity choices. Making the event even more accessible and convenient for your audience, keeping them constantly engaged and coming back for more!

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