The Importance of Analytics

Importance of Analytics

As I start to write this blog, I am rather amused by my choice of topic. One- because the topic line is just painfully obvious and Two –because the importance that this topic holds is ingrained in every fiber of my being. The irony of both these facts leaves me with a smile as well as a mind full of thoughts, some of which I’m going to share with you through this blog.

Analytics surely seems to be the buzzword of today. No meeting, email or, for that matter of fact, even brainstorming session is complete without a mention of the word more than once. And with connectivity and inter-personal communication having become so easy and accessible, thanks to technology, we are almost always synced digitally. Amounting to generation of data about us, our behaviours, our choices and our communications, being collected, noted, tabulated and maintained. Marketing agencies then use this data for many purposes. Be it to launch a new product, or create a new marketing strategy and sometimes even engage the relevant audiences for an event!

Taking a look at the specifics, nowadays Analytics plays a key role in the event space. Right from the planning and designing to the execution of events, analytics is highly important. Firstly because the analytics derived during an event can give insight into the success/failure of an event and secondly the same can help when planning an event in the future.

Though the main question here is how can the data for breaking down the analytics be collected? And the answer lies with Hobnob! A single/multi-event mobile app platform, Hobnob allows users to create apps on-the-go. These apps comprise of all basic details about the event, interactive features that allow for engagement and sticky factors (like polls, quizzes, leaderboards) that will keep people on the app for longer. Of course, while all these features are in use in the forefront, in the backend, the all-important analytics feature taps into the data and makes sense of it.

Event Mobile App Analytics

A few reasons why analytics play such an integral part in the event space are:

1. Making Sense of the Data – If it weren’t for analytics, we’d only have data on our hands and no way in which we could make any sense of it. Analytics is the science that helps to reduce mammoth amounts of data to its most useful element by removing all the noise. It brings a moment of sanity to all the chaos and throws up facts, figures, questions that can be thought & acted upon.

2. Gaining Insight – As mentioned above, analytics throw up facts, figures that we can think and act upon. When faced with definitive data, marketing teams can brainstorm over the same. Why a particular figure appeared? Was the result as it was thought to be or did it turn out to be any different? Are the findings in-sync with the plan? These and similar are the important questions that analytics throw up and the answers to these can help solve problems, better events and up engagement even.

3. Future Planning – As event managers, planners and marketers brainstorm and think of the possible answers to the questions raised, the data gathered from the same can be used to plan future events. This way, the mistakes of the last event aren’t repeated and the next event can be better targeted.

Simply put analytics are the key to success in the events industry and what better way to tap in to it than a platform at our fingertips!

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