5 Reasons Why You Must Have a Mobile App for Your Event

5 reasons 1

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.

The Buzzword of Today. One that all clients live by and swear by. It’s the answer to a million questions – How can we go active on mobile? How can we engage with our users on mobile? How can we make our presence more mobile friendly?

The answer to all of which lies with Hobnob!

At the risk of blowing our own trumpet, and doing so unabashedly, I am happy to tell you that a Mobile App created on Hobnob is your definitive pathway to an event that has high engagement and interaction. If both these buzzwords aren’t motivation enough, I am happy to share with you more reasons on why you absolutely must have a mobile app for your event.

1. Be Where The Eyes Are
Be a spectator at an event, take a look at the crowd and you will find one thing – everyone is glued to their mobile screens. This has nothing to do with the speaker but on the contrary with our addiction to our phones. And as event influencers wouldn’t we want to be where our audience are exactly. It’s time to embrace the ‘Heads Down’ era.

2. Be Cool
What’s an event if it doesn’t showcase something cool & innovative to talk about? Armed with a mobile app designed on Hobnob, you can considerably up the cool quotient of your event. Let’s take the example of HUL’s Supply Chain Conference with the Karnival de Kochi here. They used an innovative extension of the app and created an e-commerce zone wherein individuals had to scan QR codes to pick-up their event kits. This seamless and well-entrenched use of the app made the event cooler. And how!

5 reasons 2

3. Keep Them Hooked
Apps are a great way to keep your audience engaged, right from the pre-event to post-event stage. We can use it to invite attendees to register and/or start a poll about the most liked aspect of the event, after the event. Either way, you can keep the audiences hooked. And that’s amazing and an absolute must in today’s technology / communication age.

4. Numbers
Need to please the client? Dazzle them with numbers!
Using the analytics feature, you can draw insights and generate numbers that will back all that’s happened at the event. Gauge how many people were engaged? Which features were hot favourites? Tap the timings maximum people were logged in? All these insights and numbers are yours to glean and use when planning the next event

5. Because It’s 2017!
Given that information travels faster than light, do you really think your event stands a chance in 2017 without a mobile app? No, you don’t think so and no, the event doesn’t stand a chance!


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