Features Attendees Want Your Mobile Event App To Have

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For every event there is, event professionals are most concerned about one thing – how to engage the attendees?

No one likes to see a snoozing audience, an attendee base that’s unhappy with the preparations or a target audience that’s waiting to get out of the venue. To avoid these “catastrophes”, the event professional, apart from getting the logistics & basics right, has to worry about getting the feel & the wow factor of the event correct.

In the digitised world of 2017, it will be unwise to think of ways of engaging the audience in a way that does not allow for mobile / internet integration. Like if these two factors are not present, what really is the point?

Then again, you don’t want to do run of the mill stuff, but instead want to focus on doing something that is unique, worth your time, worth the time of your audience and just in general, wow!

Below are ideas/features that your event’s mobile app can have that will play an instrumental role in keep your audience engaged and interested.

(‘Coz if not an event mobile app, then what?)


1. Flexibility is Key
You need your mobile app to be flexible. Why? To accommodate for changing trends, customer preferences on-the-go. So, you can activate a poll or a conversation thread when the audience seems to be active & high on energy and conversely, deactivate one that doesn’t seem to be getting much traction.

2. Two Way Communication
Gone are the days when event profs spoke and the attendees listened. It’s all about two way communication now, so you want your audience to speak to you and you want to gauge their interest in your event on basis of that. The event mobile app created on Hobnob allows you to put in features that facilitate just this apt flow of communication.

3. Keeping it Competitive
Gamification is key! A highly efficient and sure shot way of keeping your audience hooked is to add an element of games to your event mobile app. Hobnob allows for that in the form of the Leadership board. Explore this feature & use it in a way that works best for your event.

There you have it then! A list of must-have features for your Hobnob-based event mobile app. Add your own to the mix and create away!

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