5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Using Hobnob’s Mobile Event Apps

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Apps are amazing, aren’t they?

In today’s digital age, applications and technology has progressed to great heights. You can almost find an app for every task you could think of. Dieting tips, food online, horoscope, Laundromat services, fitness tips, games, and the list is endless. Basically – Apps got you all covered.

With the increase in use of applications, technology has now started dominating the events industry too. Yep, you read that right. Corporate events, local events, business dinners, networking events, opening ceremonies, and every other event can now be hosted with the help of apps.

If you’re an event organizer or a marketer trying to market events, you probably might be thinking that using apps to host events will definitely take a huge toll on the budget as you’ll have to hire a coder and build an app from scratch. You got that wrong. That’s not the case anymore.

Hobnob’s all in one mobile app platform is here to make your future sunny and bright. Hobnob’s mobile event apps let you do everything even if you’re a tech alien and have no tech knowledge. Using the platform, you can seamlessly build the app in no time and customize it to your preference. The list of benefits doesn’t end here.

Sit tight as you discover what’s in store for you when you use Hobnob as your preferred mobile app interface for your event:

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1. Check-In/Attendance Registration Made Effortless with QR Codes

QR codes have completely revolutionized a number of things. Making payments, booking E-tickets, delivering and receiving information, and even sending birthday greetings to a friend can be done with the help QR codes.

With Hobnob’s mobile event apps, you can permanently bid goodbye to the copious paperwork that is usually involved in taking attendance for an event. Event organizers can exercise complete control over providing access to event attendees simply by generating a QR code for each ticket via the app.

With QR code generated for attendees, entries can be provided to attendees by validating the tickets with an easy scanning process. As the access is granted, the information relating to the attendees is registered automatically in an instant.

 2. Room for Better Engagement

Let’s say, you make use of a popular social media platform, host an event on their platform, drive audiences to your event and then leave all the attendees unengaged with few discussions and updates.

Sounds cool? Absolutely not. That’s like leaving your audience uncared for which can take a toll on your company’s reputation. The Hobnob’s mobile event apps make better room for engagement and interaction for all the attendees of the event. You can hold polls and quizzes for your audience. Be a part of conversations that takes place amongst the attendees. Address to queries and be a part of Q&A sessions which automatically keeps your audience engaged. With better engagement taking place, your chances to receive more positive feedbacks shoots up instantly.

3. More Customization. More Freedom.

Hobnob’s mobile event apps offers easy customization features that allow event organizers to tailor the app as per their preferences. Hobnob’s mobile apps can be personalized to your business needs partially or completely. You can add tiles, logos, icons, edit the header and footer, and the craft the entire visual appearances of the app.

Event organizers can also instantly enjoy the preview of the app with the help of the app ID provided in the dashboard. Accordingly, additional modifications and changes can be carried out.

4. Accurate and Easy Feedbacks

Gone are the days when you had to set up a team separately to conduct surveys and obtain feedback from the event attendees. The process to conduct surveys is too tedious and the cost of ink and paper can take a toll on your budget too. Hobnob’s mobile event apps provide a cost-effective solution for this problem. This app itself provides a separate space for the attendees to post feedbacks. You can totally cut down the cost to hire survey teams and use the same to manage other activities. Also, needless to mention, these feedbacks can be provided within a single click.

5. Secured and Safe

Hobnob’s mobile event apps come with authentication and security features that aren’t found in typical event hosting pages offered by social media platforms or other websites. With security features, no random members can become a part of the event. Thus, it helps to clutter out unnecessary people. Also, with information circulated via apps, no random member can come and spam the discussions list by posting promotional or any other spam stuff. All information is recorded safely and is authorized by the event organizer.

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