How to Maximize the Usage of Your Event Mobile App?

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2017 exposes us to the fact that we are becoming increasingly technologically dependent. There’s artificial intelligence on the cards, autonomous cars, smart TV, smart watches and many other “smart” things that rally around us in our daily lives. There are mobile phones which are a lot smarter than humans. And what make these phones smart are the numerous things they can do and get done. There are apps for every possible thing nowadays. Letting you do things at the touch of your fingertips or just by voice commands. Technological dependency is now a thing and not long before we will have de-addiction centers for the same.

What consumers adopt, marketers love to capitalize on! So if consumers are going the app way, event marketers won’t take much time to hop onboard that bandwagon. If you’re a marketer who’s jumping on the app bandwagon, then you need to study its potentials first. What an app can have and should not have, should be prioritized. For example, audience engagement is necessary if the app is for an event launch. If it fails in engagement, it will be deemed as a complete failure. So, it is of utmost importance that you create a strategy before the inception of the application. Hence, strategising every step will help to achieve optimum market performance.

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Validating your Idea: 

Since you’re investing your time, effort and money in building the app, it won’t hurt to validate your idea of the app with the audience. Reach out to the people and look for answers; what exactly are their expectations? And also check out for similar event apps in the market & do a bit of thorough market research before you proceed.


Your app should be very easy to access. Over complicating things will frustrate the user and that’s not a good idea. Simple and easy to navigate user-interfaces allow the user to engage with your app and thus he/she will stay hooked onto it longer.

Customer Engagement:

Allow for two way communication in your app. The idea is to let the attendees/users guide you to ways to perfect your app. Letting customers interact with you, the organizer, will help create immense engagement. For example, give the user the freedom to share feedback about the event and in case something is out of place, you can immediately acknowledge and resolve it. This way, you’ll have your event mistake proof and even have the attendees engrossed.


If you’ve done an event app before, analyze the reviews left on the App. These can point you in areas where there’s scope for improvement. Sometimes, reviews can give you insight into certain features that the users want implemented into the app. This can be a great opportunity for you as you’ll then get an exact idea of what the user needs and can implement the same accordingly.

Learning the market:

This is the basic but the most important step to marketing your app. You need to learn how your app can help attendees, how your competitor’s app (if any) is doing in the market, what reviews and ratings have been received etc. All these factors need to be taken into consideration. Customer satisfaction should be of maximum importance as the whole app will depend on how satisfied they are with the application.

These points in a nutshell will help you maximize app usage. If you actually play by the rules and innovate along the way, you will definitely leave users happy and happy users means more ROI. Happy app-ing!

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