The 3-Fold mantra for Planning Result-Driven Events


Planning and executing an event successfully are pretty similar to the art of rock balancing. Basic similarities being, not many can do it and the ones qualified to do it need patience and strategy. Every event planner always has a genuine motive to craft an event that offers value to the event delegates as well as drives results. However, this like most things is easier said than done and the driving-results part is something that often gets out of control for many event planners. Leaving them looking for a solution since ages.

Well, fret not, as we’ve got a fresh approach here that can help event planners craft result-driven events. The trick here being is to strategize what is in your control and not to stress much over what is out of your control.

From booking a grand venue to receiving approval from different sources, event planners are mostly focused on numerous external factors that are often out of their control. It’s true such external factors need to be handled effectively but that doesn’t mean, one should lose focus on internal factors. Flip your perspective, understand what is in your control, and adapt this three-fold strategy for planning result-driven events.


Build Effective Teams

As an event planner, it is extremely crucial for you to build efficient teams and distribute the workload effectively. Consider this like establishing pillars to balance the execution of a successful event. You need to understand the strength of every member in your team and accordingly assign different tasks to person best suited for the job. Divide your team into smaller groups and allocate the workload effectively so that you can drive the result you want. Call for a meeting and discuss such aspects, consider your teammates opinions and assign duties effectively.

Adapt to the Latest Technology

Whether or not to integrate the latest technology in your event is something that you must solely decide. Thus, playing it smart here will help you derive results instantly. At present, using event mobile apps is something that professionals from the event industry are embracing. Event apps make room for innovation and at the same time help in reducing the cost of an event. Printing costs get replaced, registration process goes off ground online, surveys become live polls, and many tasks that earlier posed an expense becomes expense free. This helps event planners to use their budget wisely and ensure the ROI is higher compared to the invested budget.

Offer Incentives to your Team

Okay, so you’ve built an effective team and assigned different job roles to suitable team members, but then what? This is something that many event planners choose to overlook and as a result, things get loose and out of control. You need to figure out a way to keep your team motivated and the best way to do that is to design an incentive system. You can provide incentives to keep your team motivated during the event and thus ensure that nobody from the team become inactive. If your team can dedicatedly grind towards fulfilling the goals assigned to them then driving the results you outlined will be within reach.

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