3 Quick Hacks for Event Organizers to Drive More App Engagement


As an emerging event mobile app provider, we at Hobnob are pretty fortunate to have our journey itself. The last few years have seen us curate some pretty  innovative mobile  apps to service numerous big-time clients hailing from the events industry. And, one thing that fascinates us the most is to observe how our clients use creative ways to drive engagement via event mobile apps.

Certain potential clients strategise their moves so accurately leaving attendees considerably impressed. The approach is then put to practice by different clients using event mobile apps and helps further facilitate innovative methods. And since driving engagement at events is everything, we have curated 3 quick hacks for event planners and organisers to drive more in-app engagement.


Strategize Your Content

The efforts involved in the pre-event phase play a massive role in determining the success rate of the event. Run a social media campaign and come up with creative ways to approach your event delegates. Have them download your event mobile app and start building enthusiasm. Create a tight schedule and consolidated content bank of every post that needs to go out and accordingly maintain the flow. Create a buzz, interact with your attendees, respond to their queries and engage them to raise their enthusiasm levels towards your event.

Set Up the App Trap

One easy way to make event attendees to download your event mobile apps is to set up the app trap. An App Trap? Yes, you can simply boost your app’s adoption rate by making it an integral part of the check-in and registration process. Assign a staff right at the registration desk and as every attendee drops by for registration, ask them to quickly download the app. How you train your staff to interact with the attendees at the registration desk will play a crucial role in driving the acceptance of the app. Your staff can explain how event mobile apps are going to be used for polls, quizzes, and driving engagement. This way, with zero investment you can make attendees download your app.

Speakers Arouse Enthusiasm

For all the event planners out there, here’s a quick event marketing tip. Renowned speakers tend to be a quick magnet to attract audiences instantly. So, you can make a list of speakers whom your target audience would love to hear, speak, and interact with. You can keep this speakers list under wraps to arouse enthusiasm and the unveil each speaker with a bang and thus generate sufficient hype around it. This makes your target audience spread the word, share the content and is sure to eventually result in more app downloads. Also, asking your invited speakers to post an update from their social profiles can help add that zing and convince people further to download the app.

So try out these hacks and let us know which one’s worked best for you! For more details on event mobile apps, visit us at www.hobnobspace.com

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