The Need of the Day : Mobile Event Apps


Mobile events apps are the latest and most trending innovations that have taken the events industry by storm. Mobile apps have been prevalent ever since smartphones became popular, however in Today’s digital age, apps designed specifically for events  have become the all the new rage amongst professionals involved in the events industry .

So, what makes these mobile apps so compelling for marketing events and executing them? That question can be answered in two words, Dynamic Features. Yes, the features being brought to the table by mobile applications is revolutionizing the way event organizers conduct events. Apps have paved new pathways to execute marketing tasks economically.

With event apps, it has become possible for event organizers to save hundreds of dollars that is usually spent on printing and paper works. These apps are designed strategically to provide  better reports and data that help in curating information to calculate ROI, understanding delegate’s behaviour, and more.

Here are some solid reasons for professionals in the events industry to start using mobile events app:


Complete Control over Content

With an event app, you can easily make room for more engaging content such as polls, quizzes, games, and more. Event apps give you the power to make any last minute changes, introduce modifications and update content instantly. And the best part is that even if you end up making an error, you can exercise complete control over the content that is dished to your audience.

Intuitive Design

Mobile event apps are designed dynamically to offer an intuitive designed interface which adds convenience. An easy marketing tip is to make it easy for your audience to understand and it will definitely be a hit. And that’s where event apps come in the picture. With an app for your event, it becomes easy for delegates to navigate through details, participate in polls, quizzes, conversations, and more.

Custom Branding

With an event app, you can curate a solid brand image for your target audience, enabling them to easily spot you in the crowd. You can instantly leverage your logo, host advertising banners, personalise the interface, and customize the visual identity. You can seamlessly design your event app to suit the identity of your established brand.

Premium Support

Adapting to new things takes time and the story is no different when you start incorporating apps to help drive your events. So what happens when you end up making an error in the process of using event apps? You panic, of course and then a single call can help you overcome the problem. You can easily instantly rely on further support from the app developing team and instantly overcome issues that seem to give you trouble.

Budget friendly

Did you know an app costs only 1.2% per attendee cost whereas printing costs tend to rise higher? That’s true. Most event planners might mistakenly believe that event apps will prove to be expensive just because it looks all sophisticated and techy. However, in reality, it’s the opposite. By opting to use an app, you can economically keep your delegates updated and enjoy many other features.

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