Ready to boost Lead Generation and Conversions with your Event App Data?


There is no denying that event mobile apps are revolutionizing the way the events industry work. Mobile applications are seen everywhere and the fact that they can be used to drive in app engagement benefitting both event planners and delegates.

Event mobile apps come loaded with effective tools that offer a great helping hand with event management, content delivery, real time updates, analytics, and improving the networks between attendees, organisers, and everyone else involved.

An effective feature that many event mobile apps are now designed with is the in-built analytics tool. The in-built analytics tool helps to get your hands on key metrics and data that can be used for lead generation and conversions.

In-built analytics are designed accurately to provide real-time information that offers insights on aspects such as how engaged your delegates are with the app, the activity undertaken by respondents, information on the device and OS used by your delegates, and much more.

Such insights, when analyzed and researched, can be used to understand delegates precisely. This information can then be used to generate leads and turn a respondent into a customer. Here’s how:


Behavioural Targeting

A big part of generating leads is to understand behaviour. If you offer something valuable to your event attendees then they will be more than happy to give out their emails which in turn become leads. Once the lead is generated, turning them into customers is something that your sales team can work on. However, what matters most is the data to recognize behaviour and that is something that event mobile apps offer via in-built analytics.

Actionable Insights

Actionable insights are information pertinent to the actions taken by event attendees. Let’s say, you hosted a live poll during an event and 70% of event attendees engaged in the event and the rest didn’t. This situation automatically propels the event planner to study attendee behaviour and the reasons behind their passive actions. Deciphering the reason why the rest 30% were not driven to take part in the poll gives birth to actionable insights. These insights can be used again to generate content that makes lead generation easier.

Effective Customer Care Service

A big part of generating leads is influenced by the type of customer services delivered. How quickly your customer care team follows up with the leads plays a significant role in making conversions. With crucial insights available from an in-built tracker, event planners can segregate their target audience based on their taste, behaviour, and actions taken. With access to such insights, the customer care team that is set up to interact with delegates can be trained accordingly. Customer care executives who are aware of whom they are going to be interacting with can interact better than those who aren’t.

Considering how tactfully event mobile app data can be used to generate leads, Hobnob’s mobile event apps come fully equipped with an advanced in-built tracker. This tracker offers access to various analytics and data that helps in understanding engagement and behaviour. With Hobnob’s event mobile apps, you can now get access to key metrics instantly.

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