The Event Success Mantra: New Event Engagement Strategies


In the events industry, the term “Engagement” has rightfully earned its spot amongst the most trending buzzwords. You’ll find event planners and organizers struggling day and night to figure out new ways to drive engagement at their event. With all the emphasis placed on engagement, let’s ask again, what is engagement and why is it so darn important?

Engagement, as a term, means increased participation or involvement from attendees. With all the LOL, BRB, social media feeds, and all the things happening around, the mediums available to engage audiences have diversified immensely. This has, in turn, placed more emphasis on driving engagement in unique ways. Using latest technological mediums and adding your event’s unique voice to it helps respondents stay engaged.

With that being said, here are some pointers that highlight the significance of engagement in the events via mobile apps.


Engagement Is Influential

In today’s tech-driven age, there’s just too much noise and too many distractions out there. Amidst of all this noise, if your event manages to deliver something out of the box then event delegates will automatically get more involved. Event planners need to strategise and engage their audience in a way that grabs their attention and retains it. With the latest technology like event mobile apps, that’s thankfully possible now.

Engagement Leads To Better Connections

People today communicate less with their mouth and more with touch. With advanced options to interact with each other, you can create an atmosphere for respondents to connect better. Adding features like Feedback Forms, Discussion Forums can enable attendees to know speakers, the event elements and each other better. This type of engagement boosts networking and brings like-minded professionals together, thereby giving attendees an additionally reason to be hooked onto your event/app.

Everyone Is Hungry to Experience New Things

The human quality to stay curious, learn, and explore new things has contributed greatly towards all the progressions that are happening today. In the events industry, the one ahead of the game is the one who delivers new experiences for their delegates and sets the bar high. Infusing technology in every aspect of event planning automatically makes room for new aspects that drive engagement.

Of all the latest inventions dominating the events industry today, mobile applications are at the forefront. Here’s a case study* of Pepsi that managed to engage audience like never before over a span of five days with the help of a mobile event app.

Considering the utility factor of event mobile apps, Hobnob presents you with a platform that is bigger and better. Hobnob not only makes it easy to drive engagement amongst respondents but  also makes it super easy to develop an app. Event planners can build an app right from  scratch and configure the same according to their preferences. The benefits of using Hobnob mobile apps do not end here. Event planners can incorporate some of the finest features to make the event app more sophisticated and interesting for delegates.

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