4 Easy Tips for Events Planners to Keep Up With Security Concerns

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A new study says the average smartphone user touches their smartphone over 2,600 times a day, while heavy users touch theirs over 5,400. If these are stats for an average everyday normal and heavy smartphone user, then we estimate the numbers would be anywhere above 999999 in case of an event planner’s smartphone usage.

Let’s face it, an event planner without a smartphone under his palm is more like a swordsman heading for war without carrying his sword. Smartphones have given birth to today’s “Heads Down” era. Every professional needs a smartphone to stay updated with all the day to day things happening in their life and event planners are no exception.

From running around to getting approvals on the event’s budget to coordinating with multiple clients to lock venues, double check with sponsors, confirm registration of potential attendees to a list of never ending tasks, an event manager’s key role precisely boils down to communication. And, a smartphone is the ideal tool that helps make communication a lot easier.

With your smartphone loaded with crucial information, data, and other delicate records, it should be your top priority to secure the phone from external security breaches. And, we know, asking event planners to keep an eye over security issues can at painful. So, here we present to you 4 quick and simple ways to keep up with smartphone security concerns.

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Ensure Two Factor Authentication setup for all your accounts

With hackers coming up with more and more innovative ways to crack and hack your account’s password, enabling the two factor authentication is an easy way to stay on the safe side. The two factor authentication system is put to use in a perfectly practical manner. It works by registering your phone with your account after which you shall be provided with a code on your phone every time you login to your account. You can easily enable the two factor authentication setup by tapping the settings section from your phone’s manual.

Backup your data regularly

We understand how vulnerable data can be when it falls in the hands of your competitor. However, something that is even more challenging than security breach is when you lose all your data. Thus, ensuring data security on a regular basis is extremely crucial for all event planners. Having a regular backup on any cloud based platform will not only prevent your data from falling in the wrong hands but it will also help you access it at any given time.

Change your password periodically

Before you start reading this pointer, please go ahead and change your password for all your social handles if you haven’t updated the same in the last three months. We understand how laid back most of the smartphone users will be after setting up a password and how they’ll never think about changing it periodically. And, this habit will certainly land you in trouble. There are many sophisticated software’s available to crack weak passwords and that’s how your competitors gets an advantage over you. We suggest you to use a strong password mingled with characters and update the same periodically.

Don’t forget your basics – Lock your phone/apps

To use a password or using a particular pattern to unlock the screen is the first step towards avoiding security breaches. It might sound a lot basic but this move will definitely help you stay a step ahead in terms of data loot. Theft is one of the most anticipated problems smartphone users face and not having a basic lock is invitation to robbers to get access to your genuine data. So, go ahead and set a lock for your phone as well as for individual apps.

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