5 Effective Ways to Collaborate Sponsors With Your Event Mobile Apps

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From transforming the way potential attendees interact at an event to serving as a handy tool for event planners to generate new revenue; event mobile apps have literally changed the face of the events industry today. Today, it has become a trend for event organizers to use event mobile apps as a source to generate additional revenue.

Event mobile apps deliver exactly what sponsors look for – Exposure. This has indeed made event mobile apps an extremely appealing tool to be integrated at corporate events and conference meetings.

With the rising number of smartphone users, apps have become a huge hit and as a result it guarantees great exposure. On the other hand, the opportunity to monetize an event mobile app helps event planners generate revenue. That’s two birds hit with one stone.

However, not all event planners are making the most of picking up the right sponsors with event mobile apps. Here’s a quick guide that lays down effective ways to collaborate sponsors with the help of en event mobile app.

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Make Room for Exclusive Sponsorship

Most sponsors instantly pickup on opportunities where they are likely being offered with exclusive sponsorship deals. Having multiple sponsors on board often increases the competition for the brands that get advertised to the audience via your event app. However, offering an exclusive sponsorship deal makes room for no more than just one single brand that will be showcased on your app. This makes all the event attendees to lend their attention to just brand.

Make Room for Multiple Sponsorship
Unlike renting space for just one brand to get advertised via your event mobile app, multiple sponsorship lets multiple brands on board. Multiple sponsors mean more revenue. To not let advertisements go overboard is the only thing you have to be cautious about in the case of multiple sponsorship opportunities.

List your Sponsors

Listing sponsors is possible only when you get multiple brands on board that want to get advertised. The technological features of event mobile apps offers ribbons and colours to mark a particular sponsor as distinction, good, average and so on. Listing makes it easy for attendees to understand what the best in store is since these ribbons and colours serve as indications.

Place Ads Below Live Chats

This move right here is a winner. Event mobile apps come with this extremely useful feature that allows potential attendees to discuss and have conversations on the app. Thus, the live chat is one space where there is guaranteed exposure for brands that want to get advertised since attendees are engaged live. Placing an ad for the brand that wants to get advertised under this live chat section brings guaranteed results for both the event planners and the brand that is willing to get advertised.

Event Gamification isn’t Just for Audience Interaction

Consider event gamification as live chat’s cousin brother. Just live event gamification is one of those features that engages the audience live. Meaning, there has to be someone present in order get the gamification feature rolling. Thus, with attendee participation, letting brands get advertised in this space also offers guaranteed results.

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