5 Must do’s to integrate technology with Events

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From flying drones and live streaming on social media to developing artificial intelligence and bringing virtual reality to the real world, not many must have predicted technology to escalate so quickly. In the last decade, the events industry, has witnessed prolific transformations due to intervention of new technology.

I’m quite positive every new technology introduced comes with some advantages and drawbacks. This has indeed made adaptation a necessity for survival. The one who fails to keep up with new technology is left lagging behind the race. Infact, the situation is no different for event planners and the entire events industry.

Every event planner is on the hunt for feasible ways to make their events a hit and technology makes enough room to organize events in the most practical way. However, I feel event planners need to understand how to integrate technology in their events which is something most event planners struggle with.

So, allow me to jot down a few proven ways to integrate emerging technology in the smartest possible way.

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Track Emerging Trends In The Events Industry

To understand the prevailing trends in the events industry is the first step to knowing tech trends that will soon pick momentum. An easy way to keep up with emerging trends is to stay active on social media. There are many useful LinkedIn groups dedicated especially for event planners. Another easy way to monitor trends is to mindfully make the best of hash tags. Tags such as #EventProfs #EventTech and many others can help event planners to understand dominating tech trends in the event segment.

Strategize Your Move

Simply diving in to integrate new technology just for the sake of delivering new experiences to attendees can actually backfire. Rather I’d suggest you plan and strategize implementing new tech to be on the safe side. Make sure you research well about the tech you’re trying to implement, devour as many case studies as possible, trace how other event planners have done it and follow in their footsteps while adding your touch to it.

Tech Relevance Matters

This is one thing that many event planners don’t get. Not every technology comes with a purpose to serve your event. So, as an event planner, it’s your job to understand your target audience and the technology that can best serve your niche market. Pumping in funds to provide virtual reality glasses for a conference meet serves no purpose. So, invest wisely and figure out which emerging trend can help you make the most of the given situation.

Study your TG’s Technology Experience Level

Technology is awesome only when one becomes familiar with it. People are often scared to try new things and that’s something event planners have to consider at all costs. All your efforts may end up as a failure if potential attendees do not try the new tech you’ve tried implementing. An easy way to overcome this hassles is to familiarize your TG with the new tech. You can create a pre-event buzz or run social media campaigns to make the TG familiar with the tech you’re trying to bring to the table.

Be Wise With Budget

Integrating a new and trending technology at your event can take a heavy toll on the event’s budget. Let’s say, you’re trying to give your audience a small showcase of flying drones serving the speakers with all their needs. Now, considering how dynamic this whole experience will turn out to be, the budget may prove to be a nightmare! An easy tip that I’d like to give out to event planners is to stay proactive and to always look for alternatives. Make sure you understand the market well in order to seal the most lucrative deal.

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