Expectations from an Event Mobile App – An Attendee’s Perspective

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New technological inventions such as event mobile apps have drastically widened the expectation gap from the attendees end. Today, attendees present at an event don’t communicate much with their voice rather they let their fingers do the talking. This whole change in attendee’s behavior has indeed paved a way for today’s “Heads Down” era.

Event organizing companies are involved in a war to make room for the newest technology. As a result, today event attendees are in a position where they are hungry to experience new things. Thus, making investments to integrate technology like event mobile apps automatically boosts the expectations of attendees. And, failing to meet them can indeed backfire!

However, fret not, presented below is a list of pointers that covers critical insights curated from numerous surveys and case studies with a key motive to understand an event attendee’s expectations of using event mobile apps. They are the four most crucial things event attendees look forward to while using an event mobile app.

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Access to Event Schedule

Missing out on any part of an event (even, the introduction) can make attendees feel as if their experience was incomplete. As a result, most event attendees gave their opinions on how helpful event mobile apps were as they served as a reminder about the event schedule. With apps showcasing the event schedule, it becomes convenient for attendees to be on time or accordingly manage schedules as per their convenience.

Access to Session Description

Session descriptions outline what a particular session is about and the different aspects that will be covered. Making such useful information available to event attendees via event mobile apps can serve as a winning strategy to meet attendee’s expectations. Attendees, according to their preferences, make their presence available at sessions that poke their interest and taste.

Access To Receive Updates From Event Planner

This is probably the most basic feature that event attendees expect from event mobile apps which is to receive real time updates about the event. Today even emails are considered a bit time-consuming in terms of delivering and receiving information. What’s on demand today is push notification which in a click manages to notify attendees about all the latest updates.

Access to Maps

One troublesome natural situation that is likely to happen with most event attendees is the problem with finding the venue of the event. Some attendees lose their way while others often end up landing in the neighbourhood building. Thus, enabling a GPS tracker or similar functions to help event attendees find the venue can indeed help in meeting the expectations of attendees.

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