Common Social Media Traps Event Planners Fall For & (How to Avoid Them)

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Few years ago, social media channels were nothing more than just a platform that helped people stay in touch with their friends and loved ones. However, today, social media has become a prime source for businesses to manage various operations right from marketing to building brand presence.

The way people have embraced social media has impacted all revenue generating industries. The event industry, too, is experiencing its own set of opportunities and challenges on account of social media explosion. Today, event planners make it a priority to run social media campaigns in order to build awareness with their respective TG’s.

However, if done wrong, social media can have downbeat consequences too. This is where many event planners end up making mistakes which leaves loopholes in the process. Below stated are some common social media traps event planners fall for and instructions on how to avoid them.

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Targeting the Wrong Social Platforms

Pop the term social media and the first thing that comes to the mind of many will be Facebook & Twitter. The corporate TG use social media for posting selfies and regular status updates. They use social media aggressively for networking rather than socializing. They are more active and engaged with sophisticated platform such as LinkedIn, Branchout, AngelList, Meetup and others.

How To Avoid This Problem – It all comes down to research. With aggressive research, it becomes easier for event planners to understand their TG’s social presence. Almost 70% of Pinterest users are female and less than 0.5% of Linkedin members are in the agriculture industry. These are just facts about different social channels. A quick search can help one understand their TG from a more accurate angle.

Overdoing Hashtags is a Big NO-NO

Hashtags across various social media platforms is a way to keep up with specific topics. Since, there are gazillions of campaigns being executed across various social media channels every day, making your campaign standout from the rest is where Hashtags ends up playing a pivotal role. Simply put, consider Hashtags as tools used to organize the digital community. However, when it comes to using Hashtags, not many are aware of its purpose and many professionals including experienced event planners go overboard using them.

How to avoid this problem – Planning is key to overcome this issue. It is recommended for event planners to take time out and strategize the entire social media campaign right from the start. One must decide on a simple yet thought provoking hashtag that gives a clear idea about the event campaign.

Inefficiency To Keep Up With Responses

On social media, every single person has a voice & their voice must be honoured. When a potential attendee takes his/her time out to reply or provides a response to the event campaign that’s running it shows their willingness to be a part of the event. However, since interaction levels at times get out of hand, getting back to every single attendee may get out of control. This indeed can upset event attendees as it makes them feel left out & unattended.

How to avoid this problem – To invest in hiring social media experts is one simple option available for event planners to tackle this problem. Assigning a team to keep up with social communications on behalf of the event makes room for personalized attentions. With a team, it becomes easy to deal with the bulk amount of replies and interactions happening. This move also plays a pivotal role in building the right brand image in the minds of the attendees.

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