How Educational Seminars Can Be Held More Productively With Event Mobile Apps

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Educational seminar, be it at smaller level or big, is a niche event type. A niche event is great in the fact that the attendees attending it will be more interested in the event and its offering. They will be more in-tune with what’s happening and thus, more engaged. The same crowd will also look at upping their engagement with the event and with each other at the event, thereby giving event planners ample space and opportunity to get creative and look at intrinsic engagement techniques.
A great way to get the above done is to invest in event mobile apps. Apps, with template formats, like Hobnob, are now easier to make and customize. Plus, having your own event app makes co-ordination with attendees simpler, and also opens up more avenues for engagement. Below we have listed pointers on how educational seminars can be held more productively and efficiently with event mobile apps. Read on!

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Being an educational seminar, the kit of the seminar becomes even more important. It helps the attendees plan their schedule accordingly. And providing on the go kit to your attendees in the form of an E-kit ensures that your attendees can access your event kit whenever they want and from wherever they want. They need not worry about forgetting or losing their kit. Also, who wants to carry around a bag of kit when they can have the same thing in their pocket?!

What’s better than a quiz in an educational event, right? Make the seminar more engaging and a bit fun with quizzes and polls that will leave a smile on everyone’s faces. Take your attendees back to their childhood when participating in competitions was fun and everybody used to eagerly wait for the results. Build up that excitement, conduct on the spot quizzes with the help of event managing apps. This will surely leave a mark in the memory of your attendees and aid your event to earn that extra point.

Real-Time Feedback
As an event planner, you must think of real-time feedback, as your teacher handing over your test results. It helps you understand whether you were able to achieve the goal of the event, whether you were able to educate your attendees as they expected, how your event performed overall. It also helps you analyze how productive the seminar was and what more you can do to make such events better in future.
And do you know what the best part is? For all of this to happen all you need to do is create your own event app using event managing apps like Hobnob. Get in touch with us to know more.

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