Quick hacks to find Great Speakers for Your Event

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Speaker – A person who can make or break your event. A person who adds value to your event, your company, your corporate future! But that does not mean they always need to be a famous personality belonging to the concerned industry? We think,more than going after the “big names”, you must look at speakers who are credible; they should be able to add value to your event.

We know how difficult and cumbersome it can get to find the right speakers for your event. And thus, below are a few hacks that will help you discover great speakers for your next event.

Take it to Twitter

Twitter is a great platform if you want to find speakers with huge social media presence. The platform will assist you to find not only the great but the right speaker for your event.

You can study the entire profile of the speaker through Twitter. From how active they are, their fan following, their level of expertise to their thought process. This makes it real easy to decide whether they are suitable for your event and most importantly are they the one you are looking for? Search for the terms and hashtags pertaining to your event and speaker needs.

Quick hack: Use FollowerWonk. It is a search engine of Twitter biographies which can help you discover your ideal speaker.

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Ask your attendees

Who could be a better advisor than your patrons themselves about who they would like to hear?

Ask your social media followers, and conduct surveys. Ask them who they want as a speaker. Inquire what their needs are, what are they expecting to learn about at the event, etc. This will give you more insight on the type of speaker you should look for.

Quick hack: With event apps like Hobnob you can conduct such surveys with a click of a button.

Use Linkedin

If not anywhere, you will surely find your speaker on this professional hub. Search SlideShare with keywords associated with your event, shortlist the presentations with higher engagement rate and then analyze the type of content they share and their way of presenting it. Discovered any potential speakers for your event? Google them, watch their YouTube videos and you will get the idea of how that speaker is.

Look for Linkedin groups related to your event. The person who is active in the group, often answering to other member’s queries can be your potential speaker.

Quick hack: Just post an update on Linkedin asking for speakers or experts and you will be surprised with the response you get. Moreover, the reach of your post will not be limited to your connections because when someone likes or comments on your post it will appear in the feed of their connections too! So it doesn’t matter if you do not have a large network of contacts.

Finding a perfect speaker is not difficult; it is just a matter of knowing where and how to look. Remember: Your event is defined by the speakers you host. So choose wisely.

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