Why You Must Emphasize On Devising Creative Strategies To Let Attendees Socialize At Corporate Events!?

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Invite them and they’ll be happy, engage them and they’ll feel content. That’s one thing that perfectly applies to event attendees today. In today’s heads down era, event planners are faced with a tricky task of devising creative strategies to engage audiences. Engaging attendees the traditional way is still applicable, no doubt, but making an attempt to raise the bar here reaps wonderful benefits.

With technology progressing at a rapid pace, event planners now have countless captivating ways to initiate engagement. With mediums like videos, photos, chats, real-time update pop ups, socializing and engagement can literally be designed in a compelling manner to poke attendees’ interest. And, the good thing is, all these aspects play an effective role in helping the audience understand the efforts being placed to make the event more interesting.

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Here are some quick hacks for event planners to devise creative strategies to let attendees socialize at an event:

Hold a Live Twitter Contest

Events, simply put, are activities that bring like-minded people together under the same roof and deliver authentic information pertinent to their line of interest. With loads of information in the air, bringing clarity in terms of delivering the information can be complicated. However, twitter is here for that reason to make things easier on the part of event planners.

Why do it? Twitter being a mainstream social networking platform can quickly make room for any number of attendees at the event to instantly start engaging via Hashtags. Event planners need not invest a penny and still manage to get higher levels of interaction by holding live twitter contests. Not only twitter contest makes engaging and socializing easy but brings more quality and sophistication in terms of the conversation happening at the event.

Display a Live Tweet Wall

This move right here is a new strategy that has gained quite the attention as social media started blooming.  The idea is simple, which is to setup a screen at events which can air the number of tweets that are being tweeted by attendees. The practice to air live tweets on a screen firstly grasps attention and secondly encourages more users to be a part of the conversation.

Also, tweeters getting an opportunity to look at their tweets being aired start to feel super special. And this feeling you (the event) made them feel about themselves is something they’ll seldom forgot.

Install a Photography Booth at your Event

Once again, this is just another move that totally aims at delivering some unforgettable experience for the event attendees. In 2015, it was claimed that the term “selfie” is one of the most tossed around terms in social media. No wonder, taking selfies and posting the same on social media has grown to become a humungous trend amongst people of all ages. Installing a photography booth at corporate events and conferences can literally better the flow of the event. Attendees will be more than happy to get themselves clicked and post their status on social media which will create more awareness about your event.

While attendees are keen on socializing at events, if you make the process smoother for them, they are sure to engage more and up the success quotient of your event. So fret not, and let your creative juices flow!

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