Millennials are changing the world by attending live events. Here’s how we can effectively engage them:

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The term “Millennial” has become a buzzword these days. From CEO’s to famous leaders and media channels, everybody is tossing around this term quite often and there’s a logical reason behind that. Energetic and passionate, the millennials, born post 1990s, form a young workforce which is actively and progressively altering the everyday life in unexpected ways.

The events industry is one sector where millennials are steadily exercising control. Gone are the days when print media and paperwork played a significant role in circulating information. Today, millennials are driven by apps, internet, and digital mediums. The change in taste and preferences – when it comes to consuming information and media that has occurred in the last two decades is remarkable.

As a result, it has now become essential to tailor both event marketing and programming to focus on the needs of the shifting demographic and to engage younger participants in content and events. In today’s experiential age, simply inviting speakers and letting attendees engage on their own doesn’t work anymore. Today with numerous technological mediums, engaging the audience and delivering an unforgettable event experience tend to be the two determining factors that help an event succeed.

Here are some interesting approaches targeted towards engaging the millennial workforce that event planners can certainly embrace while planning their next event:

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Do It Their Way

Millennials are dynamic in preferences. You can call them the data-driven generation. The internet fuels their existence and there is always room for alternatives. Hosting an event the traditional way merely for the purpose of information exchange may not appeal to their interest; this will undoubtedly lead to the downfall of the event. This is where event planners need to craft strategies in a way that creates enthusiasm amongst millennials to come attend an event.

How do event planners to do that? It’s simple. Deliver experience & value with a captivating approach. Integrating new technology into the event and taking attendees by surprise by showing them something they have never seen before works always. Stressing only on delivering experiences or value alone might again lead to the downfall of an event. There needs to be a balance and that’s how you do it the millennial way.

Tailor Events for Diverse Multicultural Audiences

Millennials represent that group of population that was born amidst a phase of heightened immigration. As a result, this generation shows varied behavioral characteristics. Considering the scenario, it is legit to claim that keeping an event tailored to one particular ethnic group makes it quite one dimensional.

Hosting events in a manner to suit diverse multicultural audiences broadens the success probability of an event. Event planners need to take extra care of aspects such as cuisine and entertainment in order to meet the preferences of the target audience. Also, running a double check to ensure that committee members, speakers, facilitators, and entertainers hail from a more diverse pool will help events planners host a rocking event.

Make Gaming a “Go-to” Strategy for Engagement

Ask any kid from the 90’s to state one childhood memory and 3 out 5 will definitely claim playing video games as the best of their childhood. The whole digitization era that has now picked tremendous pace was at its infancy during the 90’s and millennials were consumed at that very stage itself. Technology is in the DNA of every millennial.

According to reports from the Entertainment Software Association, 18-34 year olds shared a strong passion for internet and video games. 41% of females turned out to be game enthusiasts and about more than 36% of gamers used smartphones for gaming. These astounding stats have driven more event planners to consider gaming as a strategy. In fact, when interaction and engagement was measured against a gaming approach, event planners witnessed impressive results.


There you have it! All the tricks and tips to get millennials hooked onto your event and your app. What are you waiting for then? Go change the Game!

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