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Communication is one thing and ‘effective communication’ is something else altogether. When it comes to MNCs or even a domestic business for that matter, the subsistence of effective communication is really significant.

Since employees of multinational organizations come from different nationalities, locations and speak different languages there are many communication barriers that can make it difficult to communicate at times. For instance the time differences, language barriers, cultural disparities etc. can create serious obstacles leading to broken processes, delayed execution of plans and eventually frustrated employees which in-turn affects their productivity and efficiency.

While there is no sure-shot solution to this issue, a multinational with a number of different departments and thousands of employees spread all over the world could definitely benefit from a real time collaborative platform.

Here’s how:

Create Communities

With a real-time communication tool, organizations can create inter departmental or intra-departmental communities, for example, marketing department with the sales department or just the marketing departments all over the organization, making their communication a lot more simple and smooth.

Individuals can interact with each other directly in real-time instead of approaching individuals/teams separately and then again briefing the others with regards to the conversation that has transpired. A lot of time and energy of the employees can be saved from this back and forth process if a more collaborative tool is incorporated.

MNCs can also create communities with third party stakeholders like their customers, partners or dealers to keep them in loop on the happenings in the organization or to simply engage with customers.

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Up to date work force

Now, this is a task. Keeping thousands of employees up to date with what is and not going on in the organization is not something one can achieve through basic communication platforms like email where there are no means to be aware of whether the recipient received the mail, whether it was read by the concerned individual and whether they interpreted the message the way it was supposed to be! These questions will remain unanswered until you get any response and if employees do not receive or read a vital information at the right time then the chances of taking wrong decisions are high and could be disastrous for the company.

On the other hand, if all the employees have one common collaborative tool installed on their mobile phones then updating them becomes quite easy and they can even clarify any confusion regarding the same right away.


Flexibility at its best

The most serious communication problem that all MNCs face is that of the time difference and geographical diversity that exists in organizations. As inevitable as it is, you can always rely on a real-time communication tool that does not limit any discussion to physical attendance of the team members but helps you create virtual communities.

One such tool is Hubspace. Hubspace is a one stop solution that can connect your stakeholders anywhere, anytime. Whether an important announcement is  to be made or an update to be rolled out, Hubspace can assist you in engaging with an array of stakeholders, all in just a few clicks.

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