Why Integrate An Event App At Networking Events?

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The networking season is almost here. And what better way to network than in real-time at the convenience of your fingertips. Be it an internal company’s meet or a full-fledged networking event, event mobile apps have now become an integral part of all events, especially in networking events where potential attendees aim to establish new connections.

Making room for healthy interaction in today’s dynamic age can be challenging. Considering the behaviour of attendees & traditional patterns of socializing, no attendee will ever walk up to a stranger and simply greet them . Needless to say, many a times, social awkwardness makes interactions quite difficult and nearly  impossible.

However, that doesn’t mean that interaction at an event is not impossible. In fact, when done strategically with an event app, eliminating the discomfort of socializing becomes a lot effortless and more interesting. Using event apps to foster communication at an event has proved is definitely an effective and inclusive measure.

Here are some reasons why you should consider integrating an event app at your next networking event:

Make a Statement
Integrating new technology such as event mobile apps at events automatically crafts  the right impression in the minds of the attendees. It makes potential attendees think that your event and the company hosting the event are technologically progressive. The efforts being pumped in help enhance the reputation of the event and showcase the company’s ability to  align its culture and values with the ongoing digital shift. Nowadays, marketing your company on billboards and TV ads is a thing of the past. But making your company’s presence felt on the attendee’s mobile screen via event mobile apps proves to be a more remarkable and exciting strategy and a different ballgame altogether.

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Anonymity Pays Off
Event mobile apps and Digitization, have in a way, managed to tackle one of humanity’s greatest fear – to voice one’s opinion in public. When an attendee gets approached by a reporter or event staff for feedback on the event, there natural tendency may be to be hesitant and reserved. This automatic reaction often hinders with what attendees really want convey through their opinions. Event mobile apps, on the other hand, completely eliminate this fear enabling anyone and everyone to voice their opinions either anonymously or through identity. Attendees feel a lot more comfortable in writing reviews, both positive and negative, and this helps event planners to thoroughly understand the attendee’s perspective of the event. Simply put, when an anonymity option is included in voicing opinions, there’s less tension and more genuine feedback.

Non- measurable Data = Useless Data
Predictions can falter , but research is always on point. In today’s fast-paced age, data plays an extremely critical role in numerous fields. With data, competitive advantage, understanding attendee’s behaviour, strategizing interesting moves, and numerous other possibilities can be unlocked. This is because, the evidence brought to table by data is almost always justifiable. Event mobile apps are designed in a dynamic way with in-built live analytics. These analytics help the admin of the app to understand which factors of the event are gaining more attention than the rest. This data backed up with relevant research can help event planners understand the behaviour of potential attendees from an acute perspective.

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