3 Quick Hacks to enable Event Apps Boost Attendee Participation at Product Launches

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Call it old fashioned, but a product launch event never goes out of style. A launch event, till date, serves as an excellent way to bring in the much needed attention and hype for the launch of a new product.

With the perfect buzz generating strategies, companies even manage to land sales deals right at the launch event. However this is easier said than done as  the entire process of creating buzz  and excitement amongst potential attendees is an artful skill known to few veteran event planners.

The entire buzz creation process works in two phases. In the first phase, event planners arouse attendee’s curiosity, followed by launch of the product in the second phase. The first phase is usually smooth, however, the second phase is where event planners tend to be clueless.

Engaging attendees on the day of the launch event is no easy task. Failure to execute the second phase and attendees will instantaneously consider all the pre-event hype fake. This is where event mobile apps can be used in the best possible way to involve and engage attendees.

Without further ado, let’s explore three quick hacks to boost attendee participation with event apps at a product launch event.

  1. Influence Emotions

Humans are driven by emotions to achieve spectacular achievements. To make potential attendees “feel” something would be the ultimate end goal of any marketing campaign. To figure out a way to reach the heart of your customer would mean to hit the goldmine. And, empathy paves an easy way to win your audience’s heart.

Event planners need to understand their target audience from all possible angles and accordingly proceed to generate the required hype. Incorporating an event mobile app at the launch event simplifies many things for event attendees. This indeed plays a crucial role for the audience as it creates in their minds the right impression of the brand & the product.

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  1. Be a Match Maker
    Believe it or not, technology has literally made matchmaking an effortless task. With the latest technological tools such as an event app, event planners can effortlessly identify and connect with attendees who share similar tastes and preferences. When like-minded people are in the same room, the possibilities for growth and productivity become endless.

At launch events, queries come as part and parcel of the event. Attendees can always make use of event apps to start conversations anonymously. This space to send a message without hesitation is of immense advantage for event planners as it helps boost the engagement levels at their events. As it becomes easy for the audience to interact, it becomes simple for event planners to achieve success.

  1. Tie It Back To Your Company
    You’ve influenced your target audience emotionally, connected them to like-minded people via event apps, however, your duty doesn’t end here. The seamless ability to connect interested attendees to an employee from your company (or to your client’s company) to turn him/her into a potential customers should be your end goal.

An event mobile app plays a critical role in ensuring this process is smooth. Right from encouraging potential attendees to willingly submit their personal details to aiding event planners understand the target audience from a closer perspective, event apps help in filling the data gap. With in-built analytics, event planners can instantly understand what influenced an attendee and understand the psychology behind why the strategy worked.

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