How to turn your event into a Green event

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In order to organize any kind of event, an event planner needs to know everything about that event – from the what, to why and how. In the blog below, we show you what a green event actually is and how you can go green with your event.

An event is truly a ‘green’ event when sustainable efforts are made to reduce the social, environmental and financial cost of the event. And of course acts such as minimizing waste, recycling, reducing the usage of necessary resources to the minimum and reusing the used resources wherever possible only helps to add to the “green” friendliness of the event.

Now, we all know that organizing a green event is the current rage. What we need to ask ourselves is WHY must one organize a green event. Well, the answer, my friend, lies in global warming.

In the past 200 years, we have added 2.3 trillion tons of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. And, due to rapid growth and technological advancement, almost half of it was added in the last 30-35 years. The call of the hour is to stop or limit our carbon emissions now and to put on our green caps.

From a marketing point of view, making your event green makes your brand appear more environmentally conscious and this will give attendees one more (and solid) reason to attend your event.

So, how can one truly go green for an event? We explain how.

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Go digital

Reduce your carbon footprint. Go digital. Make your attendees download your event app and keep them updated via the app. Send out the event invitations, instruction kit, speaker details and event schedule to the attendees through event management apps like Hobnob, thereby, going paper free and saving trees.

Sustainable transportation

Hire buses and other mass transportation options for the attendees to avoid a large number of private vehicles at the event. Encourage car pooling by creating communities so that the attendees can coordinate. This will cut back on carbon emission and the requirement of valet to a great extent. It will also solve the problem of limited parking space.

Educate your attendees

Dedicate a small slot of your event towards educating your attendees on how they can support this initiative in their day to day life. Share few quick and easy hacks. This shows how dedicated you are towards the said cause and leaves a positive impression in their mind.

Many event planners dread conducting green events because they think that the cost will outweigh the benefit they might get from organising the same. While this might be true for large measures, it is not applicable when it comes to measures like adopting mobile technology.

With event management apps like Hobnob, you can create your own customized event apps with a few clicks and without spending too much. So it’s better to at least contribute something towards our environment, even if it is as little as just spreading the awareness, for a better future. After all, little drops of water make a mighty ocean. And for all you know these ideas might even cut the overall cost of your event and also help to save the planet!

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