How Hubspace Can Be Put To Use Effectively By A Social Media Agency?

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From conceptualizing interesting strategies for Facebook to helping brands maintain their social presence, to tweeting and tumblr-ing your way down to keep up with different social media platforms, working in a social media agency can be really exciting. Simply put in layman terms, social media agencies are creative hubs that bring together marketing professionals who strategise a brand’s presence in an interactive and fun way.

However, as vibrant as it looks from the outside, there’s a lot of work that goes into it , on the inside. A social media agency has numerous internal departments which need to cooperate and collaborate on a continuous basis in order to deliver great results. A slight miscommunication can end up causing delays, incorrect execution, and chaos within the organization.

Considering the vital role played by cross-departmental communication systems in a social media agency, tools like Hubspace (crafted especially to enhance communication) can be of great importance in such workspace environments. Every social media agency has three major departments that form the pillars of the organization. These departments are :

  1. The Content Team
  2. The Graphic Designing Team and
  3. The Management Team

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The content team is the powerhouse that’s responsible for supplying relevant content for different brands. The graphic designing team comprises of graphic designers who are professionals in creating visually appealing pictures/images for different social media platforms based on the content provided by writers. Last, but definitely not the least, the management team shoulders the biggest responsibility, that of understanding  a client’s requirement, offering guidance to the respective teams and getting them to work together to deliver the necessary results.

So, what wonders would happen by integrating a dynamic communication tool such as HubSpace in a complex media work space?

  • Curbs Miscommunication
    The line of communication in a media agency often flows from the client at the top, to the account management team ranking second followed by the content team and then the graphic team. However, this flow of communication could be altered due to factors like point of communication and revisions in work delivered.

For instance, the staff responsible for content creation has to communicate with graphic designers to help them understand the idea behind the content written. With HubSpace in the picture, unnecessary back and forth can be eliminated completely.

With HubSpace, you can create internal groups and make room for better communication amongst different departments. Not only will this help to deliver quality work but it will also save time from unnecessary delays that happen on an account of miscommunication.

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  • Organize Separate Workshops For Different Departments
    Unnecessary notifications can be annoying. Let’s assume, your company maintains a group and the group comprises of every individual from the company right from HR, accounts team, content team, graphics and management. Let’s say, the company decides to hold a workshop for content writers by inviting some of the finest writers in the industry and posts regular updates on the company group.

Now, these updates will automatically become unnecessary notifications for other members since they have nothing to do with a writing workshop. If the posting is too frequent then these notifications can become annoying. With Hubspace, you can always create individual events targeted for different departments. In this way, not only are you keeping the team that needs to be informed, informed but you’re also playing it smart in not bothering other team members with unnecessary notifications. That’s technology and sophistication on a single seamless platform!

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