Metrics that every event planner MUST track!

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Let’s consider this: you planned an event, organized it and executed it.      But now that it’s over, you don’t know whether your event was a grand success or a failure. In this predicament, unfortunately, you haven’t learnt a thing and stand the chance of repeating the same errors again!


As per expert Corbin Balls, in the early 90s, event planners and organisers faced this one hindrance known as ‘the black hole of event data management’. A phenomenon that described the misery of event planners in their inability to comprehend how their event performed, in its entirety and not just in bits and pieces.


True, they were not in the dark entirely, they were deciphering the before and after event performance but more often than not, they were left with little or no data when it came to understanding the ‘during the event’ performance. Solely because they could never figure out what excited their attendees, which speaker was most favoured (and most disliked) and what type of sessions were most enjoyed, hence they were never able to boost their attendee’s event experience to a great extent.


But times have changed, technology has advanced and now event planners are armed with Event Management Apps. These apps provide event organisers with comprehensive analytics of the event – the pre, during and post phases!

To thoroughly analyze the event, it is imperative to choose the right metrics for the same. In this article, we help you nail just that!

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Via this metric, one can know which event session received the maximum engagement. One must study this metric in detail – from the time of the session, its concept to who conducted the session – and thus get the entire back-story right. This will help one in understanding the mindset of the attendees and what type of activities were actually engaged with, which could help ascertain the success of future events.



Top Speakers

Understanding human nature is the most complicated thing and that’s what happens with respect to the selection of speakers. It is not always possible for event planners to invite top notch speakers of the industry and in times like these, knowing the attendee’s preferences can be efficacious.


Event apps like Hobnob provide attendees with a list of top speakers after performing a comprehensive analysis of all the sessions and activities that transpired during past events. Now that one has all this data in hand, one must focus on this select set of speakers and their likes and voila, dilemma solved!



A true summary of the attendee’s experience, feedbacks, are the most important asset of any event planner. A collated report of these feedbacks is all the more important for event planners to understand the impact of their plan and where they need to improvise to make their attendee’s experience better.

While one must take post event feedback, it is advisable to take ‘during the event’ feedback too, because that’s th time when experience recall is at its peak in the minds of attendees. With the help of apps like Hobnob, one can create in app features which will help in collating the above said data.



Eventually, the key to success is tracking the right metrics. No matter what the field is, track the entire trail. Yes, it will be time consuming, and will require immense effort, but the end result will be worth it.

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