Email or a Real Time Collaborative platform – Which works better for today’s work environment?

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For most of us, our day begins with checking our inbox. We receive tens and hundreds of emails every day depending on the type of work one is into and it becomes quite a task to segregate the important emails from the not so important ones, emails that require your immediate attention from those which can be dealt with later.


And how can we forget the times when some really significant email got lost in our inbox and we couldn’t’t respond to it on time thereby fabricating a negative impression in the minds of our clients thereby affecting the goodwill of the business?


Emails were a turning point for organizations worldwide. They revolutionized and made communication across countries and continents possible. However, with the advancement of technology, it is safe to say that now it’s time to move on from emails to real-time collaboration. Though the same can’t happen across all channels immediately, however, the majority of the organization can be moved on to the real-time model thereby making communication more effective, efficient and hassle free!


Still not sure of shifting your communication channel? Let us show you how real-time collaboration can help your team interact among themselves and thereby up productivity too!


Hassle-Free Data Tracking

Every day our inbox is bombarded with a barrage of irrelevant emails. The myriad emails we receive makes it quite strenuous to keep track of the essential ones. And when it comes to retrospecting past discussions or seeking a particular email, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, unless of course, you know the exact subject name of the email.

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On the other hand with collaboration tools like Hubspace you can easily trace information by just inspecting the conversation within the community related to the topic at hand. Say, for example, you need to know what was the final decision taken by your marketing team on xyz project. In this case, all you need to do is go to your marketing team’s community and search for it. Yep! It’s really that simple.


Enhances Productivity

Studies have shown that employees take around 16 minutes to refocus on tasks after handling a single email! Think about how many emails they might be receiving and interacting with in a single day. Now you know why the quality of your employee’s work is hampering? Why are they taking more time than required to accomplish their tasks?

Additionally, emails have also become more of a distraction as people keep on checking their inbox time and again with the intention of not missing out on any important email, thereby losing their focus on the task at hand.

So tell us, is this all worth their time and efforts when there are far simpler and easily accessible real-time collaborative tools available in the market? Tools that can empower your workforce to connect with their colleagues, clients and other stakeholders quickly and effectively!


A Great Time Saver

While composing emails, employees spend too much time writing the subject line and making the email language more presentable and impressive rather than concentrating on the core message. Thus, they end up wasting too much of their precious time. According to one research, employees spend around 30% of their working hours reading and answering emails. And to make matters worse only 1 of 3 emails is essential for business. The same thing if done through a real-time messaging app, where the communication is direct and prompt, can save time as well as convey the message clearly thereby killing two birds with one stone. Plus, with real-time, your employees will not have to wait a day or two for the responses or approvals, thus avoiding any delay in meeting the deadlines.

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