Can leads be generated through events? Here’s How?

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Social media, email marketing, introductory offers, cold calling …have you tried it all to propagate leads but ended up facing a dead end? Has it ever occurred to you that events too could play a vital role in generating leads? Apart from building brand recognition, garnering trust, generating revenue, etc. events hold the potency to establish leads for your business. Yes, sounds unconventional but when opportunity knocks at your door it comes disguised in the most unexpected ways!

We all know that lead generation is a lengthy process. Right from tapping prospects, engaging with them, gaining their interest and trust to transforming them into your loyal lead. Now, this process takes time and continuous effort. This obviously makes one wonder as to how and when can one with limited time interact with all the attendees and convince them to convert into leads!

But there’s a method to the madness. Enter event management apps. With features such as agenda, ask the speaker, Q&A sessions etc event apps are the perfect solution for all your apprehensions and here’s how you can utilize them optimally.

Seize the Information

Collect as much data as you can about your attendees through real-time and post-event feedback. Know what interests them the most through score points given to them based on their actions in-app, for example when they add a particular session to their agenda or when they favourite any session, speaker etc. it will increase their score on the app. All this information can then be used to convert them into your customers by sending them emails, push notifications etc. related to their topic of interest or by providing them with the presentation used during the session as a gesture to show that you value them.

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Transparency is Key

Be transparent. Provide as much information as you can related to the event, be it the bio of the speaker, event schedule or other event collaterals. Share it all on the app so that they can access it on the go. This will also build trust among the prospects about your brand and they won’t think twice before associating themselves with your business.

Event apps also have a feature wherein you can update any information as and when there are some changes and the users will get an instant notification about the same. Such real-time updates will help in keeping it simple and transparent.



FAQs are the most underrated feature till date. If analyzed smartly you can know so much about your attendees, your prospects through these questions. FAQs help you understand your prospect’s mindset, the reason that is preventing them from turning into your clients and so on. I’d like to highlight here that while the questions raised are important, the way they are answered is of high importance too. In short, the way you answer and the agility with which you respond determines your prospect’s future course of action. So make sure your answers are prompt and comprehensive, and in a way that will convince the attendees to get associated with your business.

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