How real-time collaboration can build and strengthen your team

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As Steve Jobs rightly said,Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.

It is essential for a business to build a strong team if it wants to survive and thrive over the years. The idea is to promote the ideology of ‘WE’ and not ‘I’. The moment your employees start focusing on their individual goals rather than those of the entire team, your business is in dire straits! Hence, it would be wise to stop them in their track and make certain they believe in their team and work towards placing common business goals before individual goals.

Of course, all of this sounds relatively easy in theory. However, to truly facilitate this, the company needs to provide the employees with the right kind of environment and support tools. The purpose of both these is to foster collaboration and team work.

When I say environment, I mean that the top management needs to promote the idea of team goals and efforts over individual goals; here the top management must lead by example.

And when it comes to tools, I mean, using technology to help employees stay in sync with the organisation and its affairs, to make it possible for them to work with multiple teams across verticals, efficiently.

Below, I have listed ways in which the above can be realised.

Harbours Innovation

The only constant is change and if an organisation wishes to sustain through ups and downs, then innovation must be embraced. Innovation is the key to unlock new avenues and honestly, innovation is but a collaborative game. A single person’s mind has limitations. Limitations which can be overcome by another individual’s creative thinking!

A problem, when contemplated over by a group of people, is sure to reap more fruitful results. Ideas lead to innovation and freedom of expression leads to ideas. Innovation cannot happen in one meet or discussion; it takes time and can hit one’s mind at any given moment.

Thus, it is essential to give your employees independence to share their ideas, whenever they want, even if they are the most outlandish ones, because you never know when and how a small spark will ignite a great fire! But how to actualize this, you ask? Well, real-time collaboration is your answer. Incorporate the practice of using a real-time collaborative tool at your workplace and bam, you have got yourself an innovation hub!

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Stimulates Communication

Communication is the lifeline of any team and bolstering it is the only way to ensure a team’s synergy. Normally, email is the medium through which communication is facilitated in most organizations. However, it is not a suitable channel if your aim is to make the communication among your employees easier, simpler and immediate.

I believe, a real-time collaborative platform creates a collaborative symphony where communication is a dialogue, responses are immediate and accessibility is common.


Transparency is the most important thing when it comes to trust among team members and it is a stepping stone towards building a strong team. It can be gained by having team conversations on a collaborative platform so that everyone is kept well informed, in the loop and is given access to all important and relevant documents.

Keeping it Productive

With the real-time collaborative tool you can set up an online calendar wherein employees can fill up their schedule for the day and everyone is aware of who is working, who is available at what time, who is on leave etc. This information helps them in collaborating on tasks and in coordinating among themselves without wasting too much time in trivialities. It also ensures an employer that all his employees are performing some or the other constructive work and not just sitting idle.


So there you have it! Collaboration is not just a fancy word that must be spoken of in meetings. It is an important tool that all employees must be urged to embrace and absorb.

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