Mobile Apps: The new Game Changer for a Conference

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Budget, managing the attendees, conference schedule alignments and adjustments. There are so many stress points when it comes to planning a conference! The number of challenges that event planners face due to the ever-increasing competition and high expectations of clients is always on the rise. And it is at such times, that technological advancements must embraced as they help mitigate the challenges of conference organization and management.


Today, the use of mobile event management apps helps ease the work of event planners without compromising on the quality of work. Wondering how this can be done? Well, let me show you how!



Equal Chance To All

The main aim of any conference is to discuss innovative ideas or to solve some problem at hand. What happens in such situations is that the loudest voice usually dominates the discussion and other attendees get discouraged from sharing their ideas, even if that idea has the potential to add value to the discussion. And the result of this could be the business losing a life-changing opportunity.

One of the benefits in adopting an event app is that you, the event planner, can ensure that everyone is able to express their thoughts without being conscious of getting judged or because of lack of opportunity.

On the app, you must create separate communication threads for different topics to be discussed and let the attendees converse freely. You can add polls/quizzes in these threads to up interaction and interest and just like that, your major task of organising a conference is all sorted.

The added bonus of such an activity is the content that is generated. The businesses and even attendees can access the entire conversation thread anytime, anywhere thus enabling them to understand each other’s mindset and giving them the privilege to carry all that they have learned back home with them.

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No Physical Presence Or Time Barriers

Often, attendees in a conference feel quite out of place when they arrive late or return after taking a break, because they don’t know what’s going on in the discussion anymore! They feel like they’ve been left out of the loop and thus, from that point forward, the discussion becomes quite ineffective and unproductive for them.

However, if an event management app is integrated in the organising of the conference then the physical non-existence of attendees will not be a matter of concern! They can access the discussion, on the go, through the app and can even share an idea or suggestion that might occur to them during the break. This way they feel completely involved and invested, at any given point in time.


One Stop Solution

Having been an event planner myself, I know that the work of event planners is not restricted to planning and organising just one conference or event. There are times when several conferences are lined up back to back. During times like these, using separate tools for scheduling, networking, getting feedbacks, keeping your attendees up to date, etc. is quite an ordeal in itself!

To avoid and evade such situations, mobile event apps like Hobnob assist the planners in getting each conference organized and the respective attendees engaged.

So trust me when I say, that you can organize and plan a successful event by integrating mobile event apps into the mix. To know more on how this can be done, connect with me or comment in the comments section below.

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