The relationship between attendee engagement behaviour data and event success

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Many a time organizers tend gauge event success based on seamless execution and attendee numbers, neglecting the importance of measuring the attendee engagement behaviour data. Data, generated from the event you conducted, can help gather information like – how your attendees perceive your organization after attending the event, how you can move prospects and existing clients down/up the funnel and so on. And these are just a few of the many reasons why you must always analyze your event data and specifically your attendee engagement data.


Here a quick glimpse into the important role analysis of attendee engagement data plays in the event space:



Understand your attendees through surveys and polls

Polls and surveys play a much bigger role in events than what they are given credit for. Yes, getting feedbacks, engaging the attendees, and thus making the event more fun is what all event planners seek to achieve by conducting polls and surveys. But are these feedbacks being used to their full potential? If not, then you are losing out on many great business opportunities.

Analysing survey data will aid you in learning what your prospects and patrons are most interested in, while polls conducted during the event can get you answers about anything, including their opinions on the practices of your business, views on a particular topic, and more. Amalgamate the information obtained through both the activities and voila, now you know which topic is to be focused on more while devising your next campaign!

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FAQs are one of those untouched attendee engagement territories which, if analyzed wisely, can be really beneficial to businesses. There is a general notion that FAQs are only there for the audience to clear out their doubts but no, they hold answers not just for your attendees but also for your business to prosper.

FAQs can help your sales and marketing team understand the mindset of the prospects and comprehend their concerns & interests. They can further leverage this information and chart out a plan on how to lure these prospects down the lead generation funnel.

Individual attendee data

There’s always the chance of your attendees not filling out a survey form or taking a poll, but then they are generating their engagement data by rating the sessions, adding people into their list of favourites etc through the event app.

Such valuable data from your event app can again help your lead generation team to create customized cohorts based on the similarities in the actions taken by the attendees on the event app, and thus nurture them further through targeted campaigns.

All of this can lead to a strategy where your business meets your prospects/patrons midway and not at the other end of the track, thereby condensing your efforts efficiently.

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