Quick Hacks to Master the Art of Attendee Retention

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The gradual evolution of attendee expectation and the ever-rising number of event planners who are giving more than 100% to deliver something new and exciting to attract attendees, to provide them a terrific experience, to one-up other planners has left the event industry in a state of constant dynamism.


In such circumstances, it is essential for each and every event planner to buckle up and start searching for ways to retain their attendees. Primarily, because the human mind is a wanderer and unless and until it witnesses something that arouses its curiosity or seems beneficial, it will not stop.

So how do you assure that your attendees remain loyal to you, that they turn up to your next event too?

Well, here are few hacks that can assist you in creating a win-win situation for both the parties.


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Alleviate Their Chances of Networking

One of the major intentions of any event attendant is to expand their network, to build connections in the industry which could prove to be a great asset in their future endeavours. And an event planner can elevate this experience for the attendees by providing them with a simpler and convenient way to develop and nurture their network, with event management apps.

With the assistance of an event app, an event planner can create a community of like-minded people based on their agenda, their activities on the app, their interests etc. Once the community is created, you can let them mingle and do the talking. This will give them one more reason to look forward to your current as well as upcoming events; an opportunity to meet the friends they have made virtually.

Plan Fun Activities

All work and no play leads to boredom amongst attendees

It is not necessary that all the activities at the event must be business related. You can organize fun networking events, games like bowling, pool etc. which will give your attendees a better chance to meet and interact with each other at a personal level and develop a sense of camaraderie. Such activities take networking to a whole new level and will also relieve attendees from regular work monotony. After all, it is activities like these that get etched in.

Provide Sufficient Refreshment

The Industry’s top speakers, a grand venue, engaging sessions etc, – are all definitely the right menu for a  successful event but still it so happens, many-a-times, that event planners are not able to retain their attendees even after going the last mile. Ever wondered why? The reason might be lack of adequate refreshment (or good refreshment for that matter), the one area that is often considered not so important!

Remember that wedding where the food was not that good? We’ve all been there, eaten that. What was your reaction at that time? Disappointed? Irritated? Anguished? You must have felt all sorts of emotions. Same is the case with corporate/professional events. Even though you might have the best of everything but if good food and other refreshments are not available, then your event might run the risk of being a dud.

So bear in mind, refreshments are as important as other aspects of the event. Because we all might forget the lavish event that was planned but not the unpleasant food that was served.

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