Real-time communication – The ultimate success mantra for medical representatives

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Medical representatives are the most crucial link between medical companies and their target market. They are the ones responsible for creating product awareness, solving queries of customers, building trust amongst the customers and so much more. The role of the medical representative is an extensive one, and being on the field for the majority of the time, real-time communication can help them work more efficiently thus deriving utmost potential.

Here’s how a real-time communication tool is the ultimate solution to making your medical representative’s job seamless and more productive:

Data Accessibility

Continuous access to all the relevant information on the product and the company, that too on the go, is a boon for medical representatives. Imagine sharing product demos, price lists, offers, product updates etc with your medical representatives instantly without any unwanted delays. Yes, all of this can be made possible with our real-time communication tool, Hubspace. Moreover, the medical representatives can also be alerted of any such new information or alteration in any existing information through Hubspace’s push notification feature. Thereby, ensuring that there is no miscommunication or delayed communication of any significant information with the prospects/customers.

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Real-time Communication of Query and Feedback

Medical representatives are the primary channel of connection between the pharmaceutical/medical companies and the healthcare professionals. They are the only reliable source for the healthcare professionals to get the answers of their queries and for the companies to receive honest feedback from the other side. But this information is also effective only if it is received by the concerned party at the right time especially in an industry as dynamic as the medical industry.

This is where real-time communication plays a major role. With the assistance of a real-time communication tool like Hubspace, client queries can be solved as and when they arise with the help of features like one on one chat or ask an expert. It also enables them to share the client feedbacks as well as the market demand scenario with the respective team promptly thereby empowering them to take right steps in the right direction for the development of the business, without any delay.

Ease the Training Process

Due to the dynamic nature of the medical industry, organizations need to train their medical reps time and again to keep them well acquainted with all the latest tech and information. The process is rigorous and takes a lot of precious time of both the organization and the representatives. But there’s always a way to make things better, and our real-time communication tool Hubspace is just the right tool to adopt and train your representatives in real-time. All you need to do is upload the training materials on the app, and your medical rep can access it and train all by themselves, anywhere, anytime.

Make certain that yours and your medical representative’s time and efforts are employed not only effectively but also efficiently, by setting up your own Hubspace.

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