Event Apps: The ultimate solution to all Attendee setbacks

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Thanks to the digital era, getting people to attend an event has become a rather easy job. Event planners can heave a sigh of relief as this task is now managed effortlessly with the help of event apps. Having said that, putting an event together by getting people to attend it is just half the job done. Satisfaction of the attendees is the other half and a very important part as well!

If everything goes well, as planned, then it’s a job well done. And if even one attendee goes home unhappy, or has things to complain about, it directly impacts the event turnout on a large scale.

While no event planner can plan for last-minute catastrophes or emergencies, one can certainly plan for and address common, recurring attendee pain-points. Here’s how.

1) Communication pain points:

“I don’t/won’t know anyone at the event” is one of the most common issues faced by attendees. Now that can be taken care of rather easily, simply by releasing the list of people attending the event on the event app. This attendee list will allow the participants to see who they might know at the event or point-out someone they’d like to meet. Also, thanks to the in-app messaging feature would enable attendees to speak with one another before the event, thereby creating familiarity among attendees.

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2) Being intimidated by the event:

This happens normally when people attending the event find it difficult to cope up with the event itself. Not knowing what’s what and where and what to expect, tends to leave people in a fix. This is where being able to document and exhibit things prior to the event comes in handy. When attendees have access to the event app, they can go through the schedule, understand the brief of sessions, learn more about the speaker and thus know enough about the event before it starts. This kind of prep, makes attendees look forward to attending an event.


3) Not being comfortable in voicing their opinions:

Some people may find it difficult to speak up in front of hundreds of people. They may have their own opinions, but it’s not easy for everyone to verbalize their thoughts. To make the event experience worthwhile for such people, the Q&A functionality present in the app can be a boon. They can direct their questions straight at the speaker through the app and receive appropriate answers.


Well, all these pain points can be relieved easily with the help of Hobnob, your all in one event mobile app. Armed with functionalities that will make the process of managing an event and the people attending the event an ease, Hobnob is the ultimate event management solution. So what are you waiting for? Up your attendee’s satisfaction ratings and be showered with multiple ‘thumbs-up’ after every event, with Hobnob.

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