Looking to Personalize your Event Experience? Switch to Event Mobile Apps

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Remember those days when events were marketed using fliers and newspaper inserts? Well, localized and small scale events still use these traditional methods but the same cannot be said for nationalized or huge corporate events.

Technology, and mobile technology, in particular, has deeply impacted the way events are promoted and held. What do I mean when I say promoted?

Consider this – earlier, it was all about outdoor / print advertising of the event, pamphlets, lamp-posts, hoardings, newspaper ads and such. Today, the promotion strategy is a mix of the above and mobile/digital advertising, with the latter having a larger role to play.

Digital invites, online registrations, updating schedule or speaker list on the official FB page, are very common event practices today. And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the event won’t be a success if the above isn’t managed accurately and smartly.

Mobile event apps are a version of digital advertising that is cost-effective, attendee + organizer friendly and super easy to implement. One of the biggest advantages of a mobile event app is that it allows for a personalized event experience.

Let’s take a look at how event apps are personalizing the experience:

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1) Converse:

No one likes to be in a place where everyone is a stranger, where there’s little or no possibility of communication and there are no familiar faces to be seen. To allow one to get over the initial awkwardness of attending an event, the mobile event app can play a huge role. For one, via the app one attendee can speak with other attendees and even with the event speaker. This flow of communication can make the event experience a lot less awkward and strange!

2) Question the Speaker:

A lot of times, due to time constraints or some or the other reason, you may not be able to ask your questions to the speaker. The “Question the Speaker” functionality on the app empowers the attendee to, yes, question the speaker and expect a prompt reply. This makes the event a more personal experience, one that an attendee is sure to cherish.

3) Polls and quizzes:

What better way, than to interact with other attendees at the event, through polls and quizzes?! Your event app should be able to conduct polls and engage the audiences in a quiz. Such Gamification activities will get the attendees excited about the event and your engagement rates are sure to get a huge boost.

4) Scoreboard:

For every activity done, there should be score given to your attendee. Why the competitiveness you ask? Well, this will get them more involved in and more engaged with your event.  And that’s a win-win for both.

This way, the attendee gets to thoroughly enjoy the event experience and the event planners get engagement numbers that are through the roof.

5) Notifications:

Your attendees should be able to receive real-time notifications about the event. Any changes to the event should be notified promptly. A well-informed attendee is always a happy attendee. After all, you don’t want your attendees missing out on anything!

6) Real-Time Publishing:

Real-time updates will keep the attendees well-informed about the event and its activities. This quick-relay of information will instill trust in the attendees with regards to the event and its organisers. And this trust will go a long way in helping you organize a successful event.

Thankfully, Hobnob allows you to curate an event with the above personalization features and more. Thus, with Hobnob, the chances of your event being a success is high as your event comes across as one curated for the pleasure and benefit and value of the attendees.

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