Measured metrics = Elevated event ROI

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As the old saying goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”.

What is the use of putting your heart and soul in to the planning and executing an event if you are clueless on how to track its performance efficiently and know exactly how effective the event was? Organising an event and not analysing its performance is like investing your money in something but gaining nothing in return. On the contrary, analysing your event performance with the right event metrics will not only aid you in evaluating the areas where you need to improve but also provide an insight into how you can increase your event ROI and make your next event an absolute success.

Analysing the performance of an event as a whole might seem scary at first, but with the help of the right tools and the right knowledge of the metrics to track, the process is pretty simple. They key is to choose the right event app that provides you comprehensive analytics of your entire event, measures the most vital metrics mentioned below along with the others and in turn  boosts your event ROI.


This is the most informative metric an event planner can ever have. Conversation is a platform, where, the attendees are communicating their views, opinions and feedback about the event. This metric will give you an insight into which attendee is interested in which topic the most, the highest engaging attendee and so on so forth. Create a list of distinguished attendees in different categories based on the information interpreted from this metric and send targeted emails, follow-up invitations etc based on their area of interest. This way you not only up your engagement with them but you actually move them down the lead generation funnel.

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Gauge each and every engagement of your attendees through our app – Hobnob’s, analytics feature. This will give you an insight into what type of content and topics your attendees are most interested in. Plan your next event keeping these points in mind and also share this information with your sales and marketing team. Since, such data can assist your marketing team in projecting future campaigns, enable your sales team in understanding the soft points of your audience and strategize their sales tactics accordingly.

Post-event interactions

If you find attendees interacting with your event app even after the event, then it means that these attendees are on the verge of becoming your loyal customers. All they need is a little push in the right direction, and voila, you have got yourself a few more additions to your list of brand advocates. So keep a close eye on your app even after the termination of the event. Identify the prospects, nurture them through emails, special offers, and retain them by following up.

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