The most important decision – Who will your Event App Vendor be?

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Organising an event in today’s world means living up to the expectation of every consumer and their interpretation of how the event experience should be. I am sure every event planner will heavily focus on how the event actually is. However, I think one needs to give equal (if not more) thought to how the consumer is experiencing the event before it starts.

Imagine this: Getting a pamphlet about the changes of the timings in an event

Now, imagine this: Getting a push notification on the event app about the changes of the timings in that event

Clearly, scenario number two will grab your attention! And why not?! We live in the Digital Age, after all.

Having established the above fact, the next obvious question is how one goes about building this event app. Now, there are a multitude of customizable event apps available in the market, but to help you make the right choice, I have listed down a list of questions you must get good answers to before you make your pick:

1) Is the event app feature rich?

A feature-rich app helps the attendees stay well informed and educated about the event. Also, they’ll find engaging with the event much easier. Features which make the pain of an average attendee fade away are an absolute must. Like, list of speakers, chat functionality, real-time updates are absolutely necessary, no options otherwise.

2) Can I personalize the app?

Since your app becomes the official invite, it absolutely must have high personalization features. This power of personalization will help you, the event planner, to design the app according to the brand’s standards, colours, feel and so on. Not to forget, being able to change the look and feel of the app as per your brand will surely make an impression.

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3) How do I keep my attendees updated on changes?

Any changes to the event should be highlighted immediately through the event app. Since, the attendees will rely on the app for information and updates, real-time push notifications are a feature you cannot compromise on. Remember, a well-informed attendee is always better than an ill-informed attendee!


4) Would my attendees able to communicate with each other?

Communication is a key attribute of the event. Without proper communication, people won’t be able to express their opinions and thoughts. An event app with a functionality to speak with other fellow attendees is a boon! Also, such flow of communication will help the attendees know each other better, thereby improving the engagement quotient during an event.


5) Wait, what if theres no network?

An offline mode is key. Even if the network plays spoilsport, the event app should come to the rescue, and provide all basic details like event information, agenda, speakers, faqs etc. even when offline!


Hobnob has all the above features and more. Providing every resourceful feature in an engaging and user friendly manner makes Hobnob the ideal smart choice for event planners.

So write to us and get a demo presented to you, today!

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