Technology : The sure shot event success Formula

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An event is a meticulously planned and organized affair; a truth known and lived by every event planner. Every detail of the event is mapped and thought over for weeks and months in advance. An event finds success when essential criterias, like marketing, attendee satisfaction, speaker list, and so on are fulfilled to the T. And quite obviously, event planners want their event to be a success and want every aspect of it to run effortlessly and smoothly.

A great way to ensure just that is to incorporate technology into the event. And by technology, we mean event mobile apps!

So, how can apps help deliver great results for an event? Let’s take a quick look:

1) Engagement:

Engaging the audience is the focal point of almost every event. Without engagement, the event can turn out to be unappealing for the attendees, who in turn won’t bother signing up for the next event! Add technology to this mix and we have a recipe that guarantees amazing engagement and thus, a successful event.

If the event has a mobile event app, then attendees can talk with other attendees through the app, or may be even ask some questions to the speaker before the event. Event planners can conduct polls and quizzes on the app and urge attendees to participate in it, thereby boosting the engagement ratings of the event. Event mobile apps give the event planner the flexibility to push out notifications about the event in real time, thus keeping the attendees up-to-date.

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2) Flexibility:

The best part of using technology in the form of event mobile apps in events is the amount of flexibility it provides. Event apps that are flexible can cater to every requirement, every last minute change. Not only can you send out e-kits (thus, saving paper) through the app you can send out last minute notifications, reminders, changes and even customize the event to reflect your brand thoroughly. Sounds pretty good, right?

3) Updates:

Back in the days, once an event was planned and pamphlets  printed, the event planner was in no position to inform the attendee about any last minute updations or changes in the schedule, venue, etc. But as soon as technology made it possible to develop event management apps, everything became instant. Event apps gave birth to real-time updates. These updates made it possible to push out notifications to the attendees and keep them updated with the latest changes and announcements. And a well-informed attendee is one that can guarantee a successful event for you.

4) Multi-Event Handling:

When it comes to multi-event handling, event mobile apps are a boon. Event planners don’t need to hoard multiple files, documents pertaining to multiple events anymore. Instead, all the information for various events is on their mobile phone and the events can be planned and run from there. What the event planner does need is a charger. Now, that’s not too big a problem, is it?!

With all the above advantages, who wouldn’t want to calibrate their events with app technology?! Technological advances have always helped events see the better light. With Hobnob, you can always stay ahead of time when it comes to handling events. With features that can keep you always in your game, Hobnob is an event planner’s dream come true.

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