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As an event planner, a whole lot of stuff goes into the execution of an event and making it a success. It’s a stressful job and you’re being pulled in several directions, all at once. If you don’t already know, event planning is listed as one of the top 5 stressful jobs ever! At any given point in time, you could be working on multiple projects, all of which are operating at different lead times and have both short and long-term goals.  You need to keep track of so many things that at some point in time, you might feel that your head’s going to burst!

Say hello to the ultimate solution – The Event App – the dream solution to every event planner. Imagine being able to plan your event and having all its elements together in one place (that is in an app) and making your event relevantly easy to plan/manage. Still wondering how does a simple event app work its magic? Let’s have a look

1) Attendee Satisfaction:

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The main concern of many attendees usually is learning about the speakers, being able to question them, fulfilling their curiosity about the event etc. When all of their concerns are addressed by the event app, it becomes simple and easy to gain attendee satisfaction. Not to forget, this collation of information in one space is a definite stress reliever for event managers too. With event apps making it possible to house all speaker/event related information in your palms, attendee satisfaction rates go as high as 88%. WOW!

2) Location:

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Proximity plays an important role in events. In fact, 51% attendees claim it plays a huge role in them deciding to attend an event or not. For starters, your event venue should be easily accessible and within the reach of the attendees. Not just that, the address to the venue should be available at all times. If your event app features the direction of the event, then you’ve hit the right note with your attendees, for sure.

3) The Convenience of Registration:

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An easy registration process is a boon, not just for the attendees, but also for the event managers. Previously, attendees had to acquire passes to the event by physically appearing at sell-out stands. That was problematic. And when the event apps started to offer registration through the app itself, it became a lot easier! With event apps, physical passes are passé, as nowadays event apps come fully equipped with inbuilt QR Codes which can grant you the entry to the event with a single scan–so easy, right? No wonder a whopping 78% of attendees favour paperless registration.

4) Less Paper, More Apps:

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So, event apps are not only a boon to the event planners but also a boon to the environment. Event apps help reduce paper printing by 82% .That means no more flyers, passes, banners and posters etc. Everything is readily available in the app itself. The event app turns your entire event program into an interactive and update-able brochure that is conveniently loaded on the smartphone. Isn’t that just awesome?!

5) Engagement Solutions:

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An event without interaction wouldn’t’t feel like an event at all! Before the advent of the event app, interaction solely depended on how well the event was organized. There was no way to get the attendees to interact with each other before the event. And with the event app, attendees can now engage by replying to polls and questions on the app, filling up their opinions and answering questionnaires etc. There’s a lot more opportunity for interaction when an event is linked to an event app!

The stats pretty much speak for themselves! Event apps have changed the way of event management. It definitely has become much simpler, easier and a lot more stress-free!

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