How to Keep your Attendees coming back for more!

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As an event planner, you will strive to keep your attendees happy and leave them with a long-lasting impression. Attendee satisfaction doesn’t work by accident; a lot of planning and hard work goes into it!

Big budgets are not the secret to an event’s success. A lot of that depends on how you manage your event. No matter how big or small your event budget is, attendee satisfaction largely depends on the event’s execution.

To say that the only way to bring attendees back to your event is by executing an event well, won’t be wrong. So below is how you can work in a way that brings attendees back to your event. Read carefully!

1) Show that you Care:

Getting to know your attendees creates a good bond between you and the attendees. Identifying their concerns and resolving their queries can help satisfy their needs. Use polls and surveys to get to know your attendees better. Listening to your attendee’s queries and clearing their doubts paves the way to ensure complete attendee satisfaction.

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2) Proper Communication:

It’s worth remembering that people can often be forgetful. Just because you sent them a reminder three weeks ago does not mean they won’t need to hear it again. There’s nothing wrong with repeating that information in an email one week before your event and another the night before. Also, the necessary changes and modifications to the event should be effectively communicated to the attendee to avoid misunderstandings.

3) Energy Boosts:

No matter how great your event is, attendees can get tired after some time. Long speeches may also wear them down. So, the best event would be the one which offers ample off-time for the attendees to catch back up on their energy. Some interesting ways to keep up the energy would be introducing quirky food stations, networking lounges etc.

4) Speakers:

Good speakers can deliver a massive amount of information and be highly valuable, but a poor speaker can sour the mood of a good event. An excellent and engaging speaker can brighten the mood and make the event as well as allowing the attendees to walk away feeling like they got extra value from your event as a whole which made the whole experience worth their time & money!


5) Mix it Up:

Do something different. Spice things up a bit. Change those recurring events with new twists on old ideas. Small changes can help make big differences in user experience. Create a vibe which would make the attendees come back for more. Change is always a good idea!

Attendee satisfaction is what keeps them happy and coming back to the event. Make sure you hit the right notes with your attendees. With Hobnob, a contented attendee is guaranteed. With features that can keep your attendees glued to the event, polls and quizzes maintaining the interaction levels high, Hobnob is the answer to a successful event.

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