Seeking the right speakers for your event

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Selecting the right keynote speaker is one of the most important elements an event banks on. This is because, your selection can either help your event result in a roaring success, or see your event struggle to get registrations even.

A key-note speaker is crucial in setting the tone of the event for the attendees. He/she can engage the audience and can have them hooked to your event. Clearly, this is a favourable scenario, one that every event planner/company would most definitely want.

For the above reason, choosing a relevant key-note speaker and a line-up of speakers for the event should not be taken lightly. In fact, a well-planned line up of speakers can make a memorable event for the attendees and increase attendee satisfaction. When selecting a speaker, there are a number of checkpoints that need to be confirmed. Like, does the speaker understand the gist of the event? Will he/she be attuned to the preferences of the audience? Will he/she be able to inspire the audience?

To help you make the right choice and to make the process seamless, listed below are the checkpoints and parameters you need to look out for when deciding the speaker of the event.

1) Expertise

Industry experts will be able to effortlessly speak on current topics. With their in-depth knowledge, they’d be able to assess and address attendee concerns and even shed smart insights. Being an expert, they can single-handedly keep the audience engaged and help create a highly interactive session.


2) Compatibility

Having a clear purpose for your event can help narrow down the list of speakers. Knowing what your event is going to be about would help you get a better idea of which speakers you’ll need at your event. Keeping in mind attendee satisfaction ratings, you’ll need to align the speakers accordingly. A connection between the speaker and the attendees is an absolute must.

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3) Sources:

Before going ahead and finalizing the speakers for your event, get onto the internet and run a background check. The Internet is a place with innumerable possibilities. A simple Google search or a run through on their social media handles can reveal a lot about a person. Also, asking your connections about their experiences with the speakers in consideration can provide you with valuable insights.

4) Budget:

Gone are the days where there were “freebies” and “speaking for exposure”. Industry experts value their opinions and time spent and they need to be compensated. Having a clear, precise indication of your speaker budget ensures accuracy in who you can afford. Be realistic with your budget, as celebrities and experts may look fascinating, but they tend to be on the far end of the budget spectrum.

Picking the right keynote speaker for your event isn’t as simple as picking a famous name, there are a strategy and process to making sure you get the right person to achieve the aims of your event. And with Hobnob, you can list the speakers and delegates on the app for the attendees to interact with. These interactions will directly help boost the engagement rate, help the attendees understand the event better and eventually result in a successful event!

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