Acing the Number Game = A Successful Event

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In today’s technologically forward world, leveraging data gathered from event technology is the key to achieving higher ROI. Analysing the data from various events, studying the market, which elements work and which don’t are all part of the plan. Statistics from the events help you gather information to make adequate changes to your next event in order to make it more successful than the previous one.

Capturing data has become fundamental for the events in today’s world. It is crucial for event managers to gather information and analyses in order to learn how they can make their next event much bigger and better. Capturing attendee data allows marketers to see what was, and wasn’t working during their event. Aspects like, which booths had the most traffic and why, or whether a session was well or poorly attended are a couple examples of collectable data that can help marketers curate an even better event in the future, which can lead to higher ROI and lead generation.

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Let’s take a glimpse at some gamechanging statistics collected from various sources that throw light on the evolution of events:

  • 71% of the tickets to an event are bought online                                                            This shows that people have adapted to technology and it is much easier to book a online rather than physically appear at the booth and buy a ticket.
  • 75% of the marketers use email as a medium to promote their event Emails are easy and since most people have access to it; it is a great way to promote activities and changes in the event effortlessly


  • 82% of marketers reduced carbon footprint by replacing paper printing with mobile apps                                                                                                                                                  
  • 77% of the marketers use social media to promote their event Social media being the most effective way of promotion, event managers can promote their event online on social media sites; enabling them to reach a wider spectrum of audience.
  • 80% increase in attendance when event apps utilised live response tools:        When attendees have an option to engage in polls and trivia, they are able to interact better with the event. Better interaction always boosts engagement.


Collecting feedback is essential as it is prime raw data derived from the attendees themselves. They are the best determining factors to help organizing understand what works at events and what doesn’t.When you integrate the changes according to your attendee’s satisfaction, a successful event is almost always on the cards.


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