The Event Marketing Mantra

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Planning an event takes a lot of time and effort. But it can be a lot less daunting if you plan ahead and well in advance. The process is easier when everything is well laid out. And, as you may already know, a well laid out plan hardly fails.

The success of the event is measured on the basis of the financial return on investment. However, I’d like to stress and say that one cannot solely call the event a success based on the numbers; attendee satisfaction and retention must also be taken into account. And this can only be achieved if the event is well marketed.

Today, the digital world plays a key role in the marketing of an event. While offline may be important, it cannot be the only mode of communication and marketing.

Below, I have listed down some pointers which showcase how apps, a key element of the digital world, can play a key role in making your event a success.

1) In a world dominated by mobile phones, a perfect mobile marketing strategy would work wonders. Emailing your attendees, posting on social media, participating in relevant groups can surely help in putting the word out. Mobile marketing is a much more efficient way when compared to traditional ways.

2) A responsive web design and an attractive, intuitive user interface will help attendees want to attend the event. The event micro-site must adjust to mobile, tablet, laptop or any screen automatically. After all, the last thing you’d need is a half visible page to the probable attendee! Responsive web design, that adjusts automatically to the size of the screen used, is a basic requirement.

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3) The cool factor is what the audience looks for when downloading an app. Make sure your event app has that cool factor which would want to make the audience download the app. Be sure to identify that hook and then bait your potential attendees with it!

4) Regarding imagery, stick with images which serve the purpose. Strong images which support the core of your event are essential is keeping the communication crisp and pertinent.

5) Verbosity is overrated! All you have to do is stick with the basics and keep the text sweet and short. After all, in today’s day and age of short attention spans, no one is interested in ready 500-word essays!

Now, your effort must always be to match all or most of the above pointers. It would be smart to associate with event apps – like Hobnob, that make it possible for you to fully customize the app and yet provide you with key, high-technology driven back-end features to make your event communication a complete success.

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