The Age of Millennials, Events and tons of Engagement

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In today’s digital world tech-savvy millennials are the future. And in a bid to tap their attention, and retain it, you have to think like them.

Millennials are attached to the latest technological devices and that particular device then becomes the bane of their existence!

As an event planner with many years of experience, I’ve noticed that the key difference between today’s young workforce and the previous generations when they were at that age – lies in their ‘Go For It/ Simply Do It’ attitude. Today’s generation is a lot more enthusiastic, energetic, creative, passionate, idealistic, open and fresh. All these factors create a cluster where growth is imminent. Hence, having millennials at your event is sure to infuse a sense of euphoria and excitement in your event. In fact, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that they can drive a force so strong, that development is definite.

Knowing the above, how does one engage with millennials and get them to attend their events? Here’s how:

1) Technological Adaption:

With the emergence of the Touchscreen Revolution – the world no longer has many buttons to press! Millennials are the actual push for this revolution. It is no secret that they love information at their fingertips, and to grab their attention, one must go digital. It would be ideal for an event to have online/mobile registrations, follow-ups, real-time updates and so on. Also, at the event, building kiosks, digital signages and more will surely keep audiences hooked. Not to forget, social media! Paper flyers are passé; curate your social media presence and build a strong event app for maximum digital promotion.


2) Social Media:

Everybody knows the whole generation is perennially hooked on to social media. The millennials are more active on social media than ever. And this mass medium is among the best ways to reach out to your TG. Use social media channels to help further your cause; explore each channel to its optimum capacity to gain the best possible results.

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3) Mobile-based:

Rarely will you find a person from the young generation without a mobile phone? Incorporate your event into an event app which an average millennial can download. Make it interactive so that they can engage with it. Personalize your app with every detail of the event – speakers, booths, quizzes, and polls etc so that this information-thirsty generation has enough material to satiate its curiosity.

4) Interactive:

Millennials aren’t very patient. They are thirsty for knowledge. And you have to make your event knowledge-heavy in an interactive way. Don’t let boredom strike – engage them in polls and games and keep the interaction levels high. Don’t let your event be just all talk and no play; keep it a mix of knowledge and fun. Keep your interactivity levels high to keep your millennials engaged all the time!


So there you have it! In order to attract millennials, you need to think like them. Knowing what they need, can help you serve them better. And with Hobnob, we help you curate the perfect app for your event. As the tech tide flows, Hobnob lets you hop onboard the flow, helping you adapt to the growing trends, attracting millennials at every corner.

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