Creative ways to engage your audience in the pre-event phase

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The goal of any event is to get maximum return on investment – be it with respect to time or money. While there are numerous factors that play a role in ensuring a sizeable ROI is garnered, planning out a marketing strategy long before your event day is one key element. Simply put, you need to create “hype” for your event!

Spreading the word amongst the audience before the event helps in achieving pre-event numbers. The snowball effect – more people talking about your event means more people will know about your event, will register and will in-turn influence more people to register/attend – is imperative to making the event appear enticing and to even instill confidence in the minds of the brand managers that you, as an event manager, are doing your job well.
In the current scenario, there’s a lot of competition out in the open and with creative pre-event marketing strategies, you can stay one step ahead of the game. Here’s how:

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1) Blogs:
An article from high profile professionals can make it easy to get the word out. However, do not publish this on your own website, as it will appear self-serving. Use platforms like LinkedIn instead, where you can get in front of thousands of professionals in your industry. Quality blogs and articles help in reaching out to a potential audience. You can also ask the speakers or guests at your event to put up an article on their social media handles, an activity that will help drive-up pre-event engagement!

2) SEO:

Optimise your SEO, so that your event appears among the top searches when relevant keywords are entered. A unique hash tag coupled with an optimized SEO effort will help in guiding the interested audience towards your events page – thus driving the audiences engaged and registrations numbers up!

3) Wearables:
In the age of the millennials, you need to move with the current trend. A catchy t-shirt phrase or a funky cap can grab attention and hence, it would be wise to market your event through apparels. Apparels usually double up as marketing collaterals on the move and the more people “see” your event out there, the more they will want to participate in it.

4) Competitions/Free tickets:
Who doesn’t love freebies? The word ‘free’ can grab a lot of attention. Insert competition in the mix and you’ll basically have people working/competing to get into your event. Holding competitions on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc can drive a large number of audiences to your event. Free tickets along with special goodies and features like exclusive access will definitely help in boosting pre-event engagement.

5) Sponsorship:
Getting corporate sponsors for your event is a win-win situation for both parties. It’s not only good marketing for the event but also a good strategy for the company itself. You can also try getting your sponsors to advertise your event to their contacts, thus helping with the reach.

6) Apps:
Asking your audience to download your event app for special access can help build a relationship with them before the event. This also can help the probable audience to understand your event better and create excitement. To ensure that you don’t spend precious time, money and effort in developing an app, you can choose Hobnob to get your event up and running in no time!

Your event’s ROI will completely depend on how you market it. Without pre-event marketing, it would just be like hosting a wedding without sending out the invites – that’d be ridiculous, right? Get your marketing done right, right here!

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