Getting Millennials to your Event

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We live in the world of the young. With nearly 33% of the workforce comprising of millennials, Generation Y leads the baton in this 21st Century with the numbers growing incessantly every year. In fact, by 2020, the number is predicted to rise to 50% (figures from

Attracting different types of attendees can play a huge role in the continued success of your event/brand. For one, it is important to spread the word about your event amongst the millennials as they are soon to be the majority workforce. In order to get millennials to attend your event, it is imperative to keep in mind that millennials are tech-savvy and engagement prone and hence keep accordingly amp up with the latest technology and techify your event. A millennial won’t bat an eye if the event is considered drab and old-school and has minimum or zero tech integration. If you want them flocking to your event, it is important to think/act like one. So here are some ways to attract millennials to your event:

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1) Stories:
Not the bedtime story kind! Stories are now everywhere – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp etc. The new generation loves to keep up with the instances around the world and these stories are their source of information. So why not use this platform to advertise your event? Create a story about the event to grab some attention!

2) 360-Degree Videos:
A millennial without a Smartphone is a rare sight. A 360-degree video of your event venue or about your event, in general, makes for engaging content. Millennials love to engage and this video experience will make them want to know about your event.

3) Social Media:
Social media is one of the most effective forms of marketing for millennials. The millennials are hooked on to the social media culture and they use it for everything – from finding friends, and finding a mate and to even getting more information about an event they’d like to attend. If your event is hip enough, it won’t be long before the new generation gets it to trend on every media platform. A catchy hashtag, going live through the event page and creating hype via contests are some activities which you can undertake in order to engage with the new generation.

4) Become Mobile-Friendly:
Every millennial is glued to the smartphone, so why not create an event app for them to install and engage with aspects of the event? The new generation loves to network with other people. So, by using Hobnob, you can create an event app for the millennials to download and engage with other millennials! Apps are everything in this 21st century, and with Hobnob, you can create an event app to catch your TGs attention. Now, this would definitely be marketing done right!

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