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The world has become increasingly tech savvy, leading to the injection of tech into everyday events, almost as a norm. From applications that manage audience engagement to platforms that enable real-time reporting of responses, technology has definitely played a key role in taking events and event related experiences to the next level! Thus, now-a-days, in order to stay ahead of the game and to change the game even, it’s become imperative to make optimum use of technology.

Having said that, adoption is still not a 100% and some clients and event planners are unsure or reluctant to give their events the tech-edge. However, we strongly believe, any failure on the part of the event planner or client to accept and include tech in an event, can prove to be a major setback for the brand as a whole.
We understand that technology can be overwhelming and the question then arises, what form of technology must one adopt in an event? We list the top favoured options below:

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1) Wearable Technology:
Emerging technologies like smartwatches, fitness bands, etc. are becoming more and more common and have a very high adoption rate. So, how can this technology improve audience engagement at an event? You can send the event’s GPS coordinates to the attendees on their smartphones, enable automated check-ins and even conduct audience polls via wearable technology. The possibilities are limitless – they need to be explored thoroughly though.

2) Virtual Reality:
Virtual Reality is the one of the most talked about technologies in this day and age. Virtual Reality allows one to stage 3D walk-arounds, providing a real-time experience without having the individual physically present at the event. This is what makes it incredibly exciting. Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, you can include Virtual Reality aspects in order to enthrall and engage your audiences.

3) Live Streaming:
What if some attendees are really interested in your event, but cannot make it to the venue? There’s where live streaming comes in handy. With live streaming, an event can reach a whole lot more people irrespective of borders, boundaries and physical limitations.

4) Scanning / Barcode:
This has become pretty much main-stream, but it does deserve a mention here. Gone are the days of manual registrations. It’s all about scanning barcodes and letting people in. And how are barcodes sent to the attendee? Read point number 5.

5) Apps!
Apps are the current buzzword when it becomes to events and tech-engagement. With platforms like Hobnob, you can customize an app for your event in less than a day!! Yes, you read that right. So, there really can’t be any excuse for not having an app for your event

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